Coming to theatres in time for everyone to celebrate Mom is directors-brothers Jon and Andrew Erwin and TriStar Pictures answer to MOM’S NIGHT OUT.

The film tells the story of Allyson (Sara Drew), a woman in the midst of a mom-life crisis. Trying to balance life and motherhood, she is looking for a night out with the girls.
In order to make this happen the husbands need to step in to take care of the kids for a couple of hours. Simple right?

Enlisting the significant others Sean (Sean Astin), Kevin (Kevin Downes) and Joey (Harry Shum Jr.), Allyson calls up the preacher’s wife Sondra (Patricia Heaton) who is more than ready to let her hair down. Going along is Izzy (Logan White) and unexpectedly joining them is sister Bridget (Abbie Cobb).

FINAL WORD: Drew as Allyson is obviously stressed out burning both candles at the end. How do I know this? The scene of her hiding the closet is something I have not only seen before – but truthfully have done before. Drew plays a charming character who is in that Mommy place where you remember life before kids and hasn’t grasped the life with kids.

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