Coming to SHOUT! Kids Factory and Fremantle Media Kids & Family Entertainment comes the next installment of MONSUNO: COMBAT CHAOS.

This film tells the story of Chase Suno and the Core-Tech team. Having come out of a battle with Eklipse and S.T.O.R.M., Chase must now decide what is to become of Monsuno.

Chase thinks that it is absolutely possible for Monsuno and mankind to coexist and decides to allow them to continue. The problem is, not everyone thinks like Chase and bide their time to make that perfectly clear to him.

What happens next brings Chase and his team once more to the forefront to destroy evil!

FINAL WORD: Thanks to Shout! Factory I have come to enjoy many of their amazing animated shows. MONSUNO is one such show. With creative characters, vivid animation, and storylines that draw the viewer in, it is no surprise that fans have taken to this series.

Based in an original mythology, MONSUNO: COMBAT CHAOS continues to give children an opportunity to understand so much about working together, understanding differences and accepting consequences for decisions we all must make. There certainly isn’t wrong with learning a little something while enjoying some action at the same time.

FremantleMedia Kids & Family Entertainment is one of the leading creators of preschool, kids comedy, action/adventure and teen fare. Bringing amazing shows to television they feature live-action, 2D animation, CGI, stop-motion and real-time animation to reach a large demographic of viewers.

SHOUT! Kids Factory is absolutely devoted to bringing the very best in pop culture. Offering music, television, films, classics, animation, and comedy to an audience that truly does want the best in family entertainment. To see more of what they have to offer visit

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give MONSUNO: COMBAT CHAOS four tubs of popcorn out of five. This is the kind of series that I enjoy letting anyone with kids to watch and often encourage them to do so. Filled with many of the values that we would want our young people to have, the MONSUNO series embraces friendship and belief in each other that is so important.

With this second season come five episodes including: “Flash”, “Bang”, “Mysterious”, “Antithesis”, and “Kidnapped”. The bonus feature includes the character bios, which really allows new viewers a chance to catch up on their favorites.

In the end – is now their time?

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