Coming to theaters this week from director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet and Alchemy is a little know story about “Moonwalkers.”

The world is in the middle of a space race but that’s not important to Jonny (Rupert Grint) because he’s in the middle of a crisis. As the manager of a whacked out bank, his mates have given him one more chance to get the band’s name in lights.

When his cousin Derek (Stephen Moore) refuses to help, enter Kidman (Ron Perlman) who mistakes Jonny for cousin. What does Kidman want? Easy, he wants to hire Stanley Kubrick to stage a moon landing for the United States. You know, in case the real thing doesn’t happen?

Being offered a suitcase full of money to make it happen, Jonny has an idea to bring friend Leon (Robert Sheehan) to a meeting as Kubrick. Confused yet? It gets even more hinkey! Once the meeting is over and the suitcase given to Jonny, the boys have a party only to be knocked over by men Jonny owes money too.

Oh but wait, there’s more! Kidman discovers that Jonny isn’t Derek and that Leon isn’t Kubrick and the money belongs to the CIA. What’s a fellow to do? Why make a space movie of course. With Jonny finally calling the shots and Kidman finally calming down with a little help from his friends everyone might get what they want from the deal.

Or it could all fall apart – either way it’s going to be interesting!

Grint as Jonny is a hot mess. Managing a bunch of wanna-be rockers doesn’t help much in the ego department. Deflated, dismissed and loan sharks on his tale, taking the money seems a good idea at the time. Grint still has the charming quality about him and it plays well with this character. I love when he and Perlman share the screen together, very cool.

Speaking of Perlman as Kidman, his characters clock is definitely wound a little too tight. It’s only when he is introduced to a different kind of hit does he relax and fall into a little big of a 60’s psychedelic funk – in a good way. Perlman always manages to surprise me with the roles he chooses and there is nothing stereotypical about any of them.

Sheehan as Leon is just a guy going along to get along. Of course he dabbles too much in the world of recreational drug use but he manages to be endearing anyway. He wants to help Jonny but at the same time I think he’s having a pretty good time.

It’s a trip all the same!

Other cast include: Tom Audenaert as Renatus, Kevin Bishop as Paul, Eric Lampaert as Glen, Erika Sainte as Ella, Jay Benedict as Col. Dickford, John Flanders as CIA Agent Murphy and Andrew Blumenthal as Kozinsky.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Moonwalkers” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is definitely a trippy film with sudden moments of violence that cause involuntary laughter along with visual twirling colors and characters that make me feel cheated – like I should be trippin’ on something too!

The cast is actually hilarious mixed with twists and turns that aren’t to jarring but instead a mild and lulling roller coaster ride. The music is awesome and a soundtrack worth having.

In the end – it’s based on a true conspiracy theory!



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