Coming to DVD from Emmy-nominated director Matt Ogens and Virgil Films is the look at what is in a name with Morgan Spurlock Presents “Meet the Hitlers.”

Normally, what’s in a name doesn’t worry or bother anyone much. But when the name is one of the most notorious in history, the rules of life can change. Just ask Gene Hitler, an 80-year-old man who has spent his entire life facing double-takes and surprised looks. Taking it with a grain of salt seems easy for this elegantly elderly gentleman.

So what if you’re a teenager? Ask Emily Hittler (yes with 2 t’s), a young girl who carries the name and dealing with the snide comments or teachers suggesting she change her name.

Imagine being from South American like Hitler Gutierrez who has no clue what so ever that the name proudly given to him by his father, was the name of a ‘bad man’.

There is also a boatman in Germany who has spent his entire life on the sea refusing to change a name that was given to him by his parents seeing no reason to change it – no matter the history.

Finally, a husband and wife who lose their children to Child Protective Services because of their decision to name one of their children Adolf Hitler.

While these stories are shared, David Gardner does his research to discover that a nephew of Adolf Hitler came to America and spent his life in the shadows. Having a family of his own, the secret continued as Gardner uncovers their life in the United States.

Each has a story to tell about a name that still causes jaws to drop!

Writer David Gardner is the writer of The Last of the Hitler’s in 2006 tracing the only known relatives of Adolf Hitler. Tracing a nephew to the United States, contacting the family became a mission. The results? “They didn’t sign a pact, but what they did is they talked amongst themselves, talked about the burden”. The very cool thing about Gardner is that he does not push the family but, as any good writer would, hopes they will change their minds.

Director Ogens is an award-winning filmmaker known for evocative visuals mixed with narratives. Working with MTV, VH1 and CNN, he has earned three Emmy nominations. His documentary CONFESSIONS OF A SUPERHERO has one critical acclaim.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give Morgan Spurlock Presents “Meet the Hitlers” four tubs of popcorn out of five. This is an absolutely fantastic documentary. The name Hitler can bring about such hatred and yet, with the exception of one person in my opinion, the name is just that – a name.

When Gardner speaks to a Holocaust survivor that lives close to the Hitler family, asking how he felt about that, the reply gives us all hope. He said he would never blame someone for the actions of their parents or family. It is amazing to me that someone who would have every reason to be upset – isn’t. That speaks volumes for how far the idea of humanity has come.

Granted this isn’t always true, but the way the documentary is presented there is a no-holds attitude by each person who wants to be seen far beyond the name. It is not that having the name Hitler is a breeze, yet each person who has had the opportunity to change their name — hasn’t. It isn’t that each person is thumbing their nose at history but instead standing up for themselves as an individual, a person who is not the name.

I know that sounds like a big circle yet I agree with them. Why should they change their name? Why should anyone ask them to change their name? “It explores complex issues like immigration, racism and tolerance. It’s ultimately a character-driven story offering a moving portrait of subjects, whose reactions to their name span the spectrum of human experience from tragedy to comedy along with heartbreak and hope” and I couldn’t agree more.

Morgan Spurlock received an Oscar nomination for his film SUPER SIZE ME and FREAKONOMICS. Having met Spurlock while touring with his film THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD and after a hilarious interview with him, I realized that this guy has no problem talking about things that other people pretend doesn’t exist. That’s what makes Spurlock interesting and eye-opening. “Meet the Hitlers” falls into that category and needs to be seen.

In the end — what’s in a name?



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