‘Motown 25: Yesterday – Today – Forever’ is the ultimate box set

Coming to DVD from Time Life is one of the most talked about television specials that brings groundbreaking performances with “Motown 25: Yesterday – Today – Forever.”

In May of 1983, NBC had no idea that what people were about to see on television would become legendary! “Motown 25: Yesterday – Today – Forever” took to the airwaves bringing those who love the Motown sound on a journey like no other.

It would be the show that introduced us all to the jaw dropping performance of Michael Jackson and the Moonwalk move. Also called ‘the six seconds that changed the world’, Jackson’s move was talked about for years after and imitated by many but never to the perfection of Jackson.

As someone who absolutely loves Marvin Gaye, his performance of What’s Going On is soulful and stunning. Smokey Robinson is right behind him as Tears of a Clown when no one else is around. Also, this DVD also allows us once again to dance the Miracles and the Supremes and laugh with Richard Pryor.


TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Motown 25: Yesterday – Today – Forever” five tubs of popcorn out of five. Seriously? Did you think I’d give it any less? This is one of the most musically stunning box sets I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch and listen too.

A live audience witnesses it first but this collection allows fans to witness it with so much more. There is over 20 additional minutes of footage not seen in the original broadcast that is extremely cool to watch.

What makes this collection even more special is the 48-page collection booklet that delves in deeper to the show, the artists and never-before-seen photos. The essays on the Motown performers is what intrigues me because it allows me greater insight to the music that I might not have considered before.

So push away the living room furniture, make room and prepare to put on your dancing shoes for “Motown 25: Yesterday – Today – Forever!”



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