MR. BEAN: THE WHOLE BEAN the 25th Anniversary Collection

I am thrilled beyond belief that MR. BEAN: The Whole Bean is here! From SHOUT! Factory and Fabulous Films comes one of Britians most iconic comedians in MR. BEAN: The Whole Bean the 25th Anniversary Collection.

Mr. Bean is a character created by Rowan Atkinson who describes him as a ‘child in a grown man’s body’. That is an understatement as Mr. Bean’s curiosity often gets him in more trouble than any five year old I know. He is joined by Richard Curtis and Robin Driscoll to film between 1990-1995.

Each episode brings the best of this character to fans. Along with his best friend Teddy, girlfriend Irma Gobb and the 1976 British Leyland Mini 100 aka Mr. Bean’s car the 14 episodes were also filled with guests such as Richard Briers, Angus Deayton, Stephen Frost, Nick Hancock, Christopher Ryan, Paul Brown and more.

The DVD includes special bonus features such as missing scenes from three episodes: Merry Christmas Mr. Bean, Do-it-yourself Mr. Bean and Back to School Mr. Bean, The Best Bits of Mr. Bean with 72 minutes of laughs, 40 minute documentary The Story of Mr. Bean, Never before Seen-on-TV sketches ‘bus stop” and “lbrary” as well as Mr. Bean: The Animated Series trailer.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give MR. BEAN: The Whole bean 25th Anniversary Collection five tubs of popcorn out of five. Seriously, Rowan Atkinson made me and my kids laugh and that in itself is a good memory to have. Without saying a word he could set off fits of laughter and that is a unique gift to have.

MR. BEAN wasn’t Atkinsons first shot at memorable comedy. Not in the slightest with his appearance in the series Blackadder that just killed me every week. His performance always stood out and his amazing physicality and facial expressions were and are stellar.

Many fans might not know that there are also books about Mr. Bean. In 1992 Mr. Bean’s Diary and again in 1994 Mr. Bean’s Pocket Diary gave more of an in-depth look into his life. Hand written notes are in the pages telling where Mr. Bean lived in Highbury and even his landlady’s name – and that would be Mrs. Wicket for you trivia buffs.

Atkinson’s character and series has won several awards including the Rose d’Or. The show went worldwide and would eventually bring a cartoon show and two feature films. It was a thrill to see him appear at the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony which was held in London.

For anyone who is a fan of British comedy and the antics of Rowan Atkinson then MR. BEAN: The Whole Bean is definitely a must have. I also highly recommend it to anyone who came in a little later to Atkinson’s career and want to see what most of us already know – he’s hilarious!

In the end – there is no one like the whole Mr. Bean!



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