Coming to a television near you from director/writer and Emmy Award-winner Robert B. Weide and the BBC is the next hilarious comedy “Mr. Sloane.”

Jeremy Sloane (Nick Frost) has just attempted an epic failure by trying to hang himself. Why? Well, he’s lost his job and wife Janet (Olivia Colman) has walked out the door to explore her life. That’s life for him in 1969 Watford, England!

When the rope doesn’t give him any satisfaction, Sloane ends up at the local pub drinking his sorrows blind with the guys: Ross (Peter Serafinowicz), Reggie (Brendan Patricks) and Beans (Lawry Lewin). Adding insult to injury is being greeted every morning by Mrs. Wyndham (Valerie Lilley), an elderly neighbor who can’t help but point out his faults.

Knowing he can’t go on like this, there might be a bit of daylight when he meets an American woman, Robin (Ophelia Lovibond), who makes him smile for the first time in a long time.

Being a carbon-based unit isn’t easy when learning about love, longing and loyalty.

Frost as Sloane is just so dang endearing. Having been a fan of this actor for many years, this character has me rooting for him while I’m smacking the middle of my forehead at the same time. The nightmare of his one-day teaching job is a testament to how fast joy can turn to total disaster in a flash. Frost has the uncanny ability to roll with the punches and still come out endearing!

Colman as Janet can do no wrong for me no matter what. Yes, I am a huge “Broadchurch” fan, and love that she’s back with Frost since their 2007 work in “Hot Fuzz.” It is this character’s turn to get out and find something different in the world, and the flashbacks tell the story of their relationships that leads to the rope.

Serafinowicz, Patricks and Lewin are actually hilarious as the guys from the pub. The way the talk to each other is exactly what one would expect from childhood friends. When they go off on a tangent, take a deep breath because a lot gets said very fast, and it’s all funny!

Lovibond as Robin is definitely a firecracker! Sloane is instantly attracted to that perkiness and if “helping with her pipes” will give him a moment of happiness — then plumb away Sloane!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Mr. Sloane” four tubs of popcorn out of five. Of course, I’m partial to Frost and I say it proudly. This actor has the ability to make me laugh, then turn around and do a film that is totally unexpected and now a series that is endearing — well played sir, well played.

The series premiered on May 7 with two more episodes on May 14 and the final three episodes May 21. You can also do a marathon (which I love) of all seven episodes on May 17. Catch up and enjoy a series with heart.

In the end — he might have a shot at this life!



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