Coming to DVD from Well Go USA Entertainment and director Nopporn Watin comes a story of historical value when learning of MUAY THAI WARRIOR.

This film tells the story of Yamada Nagamasa (Seigi Ozeki), a Japanese warrior who had to flee Japan when Kuruda (Bin Bunluerit), betrayed his own king to kill him. Yamada finds himself in Thailand and under the influence of a beautiful culture and people.

While staying he keeps his history a secret but the Ayothaya people let him be. What Yamada does experience is Muay Thai boxing but learns it is a way of life, not just a form of fighting. Phra Khruu (Sorapong Chatree) takes Yamada in as a student believing that it is possible to mix Japanese fighting skills with Muay Thai.

Yamada also becomes close to Khaam (Thanawut Ketsaro) and his sister Jumpaa (Kanokkorn Jaicheun) to learn even more about the inspiration of the people. Phra also believes that Yamada would serve their King Naresuan (Winai Kraibutr) as one of his Tanai Leuk personal guards.

Proving himself worthy to protect the King also makes Yamada aware that he must return home and set things right before he can truly be an honorable man.

FINAL WORD: Ozeki plays the historic role of Yamada. As with many of the fascinating Asian films that are being released, Ozeki plays his character with a stillness. In fact, the most valuable part of his role is perhaps the reciprocal relationship of respect between these two cultures.

Chatree as Khruu is the patient and receptive spiritual leader who sees early that Yamada is someone special and to be respected. Ketsaro as Khaam also realizes quickly that this foreigner can teach as well as learn. Jaicheun as Jumpaa shares with Yamada the burdens of the Ayothaya people which brings him even closer to the culture he will come to embrace.

Kraibutr as King Naresuan, although a brief role, recognizes what must be done in order to make his people safe. He never basks in the glory of being a leader but instead remembers those who protect him and love Thailand as much as he does.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give MUAY THAI WARRIOR three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a film that has so many things to say that it could have easily become muddled, but it didn’t. What it does, in fact, is explain a history that both the Japanese and Thai people are proud of proving that friendships are an important component to life.

This cinematography is beautiful and the locations are so very spiritual adding to the message the film presents. It is about confronting fears, opening hearts to change and being acceptance of those around us from every walk of life.

Based on the life of Yamada Nagamasca, he was loyal to the country of Thailand until his death in 1633. In that time he served as the governor of Nakhon Si Thammarat province of Thailand.

In the end – history can be a lesson!

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