Are you kidding me? A childhood favorite is on DVD? Yes, from MPI Home Video comes the most amazing “My Favorite Martian: The Complete Collection.”

In 1963, a television series created by John L. Green, was brought through our screens by CBS. It begins as a space ship crashes near Los Angeles and a very human-looking E.T., aka Exigius 12½, emerges. Of course this didn’t go unnoticed! Tim O’Hara (Bill Bixby) sees the ship come down and goes to investigate.

What else can you do with a Martian but take him in right? Giving him the name Uncle Martin (Ray Walston), Tim agrees to let him stay until repairs can be made to the space craft. It doesn’t take long before the new roommate shows off some unusual powers!

Uncle Martin has the ability to be invisible, he can read minds, talk to animals, makes things speed up, has the ability to make objects float through the air by wiggling his finger, stop anything from moving and, has antennae that poke out making him invisible.

All of this made for an interesting relationship between Earthling and Martian with adventures none of them could have predicted!

Ray Walston as Uncle Martin was absolutely brilliant in this role. Of course as a kid I loved that he was a ‘Martian’ but more than that he truly captured the imagination of all kids during that era. The curiosity of outer space and aliens was always a topic of conversation which was a perfect segway for this show to hit television. Walston gave such humor to his character without ever cracking a smile – instead, he let the viewers laugh for him. His mannerisms were and are endearing and, dare I suggest, perhaps copied by a few aliens here and there? Such a fun character for us to enjoy!

Bixby as Tim was all over the place. He was the character of high anxiety always worried someone would find out, usually the fear was because of his nosey landlord Lorelei Brown (Pamela Britton) who always managed to show up at the most inopportune time! Bixby was young, handsome and don’t think my mother didn’t notice it. Personally I think that’s why she let us watch the show! Bixby delivered fast and furious and I secretly think he lived for the high drama myself, I mean come on, you have a Martian living in your house!

There were also guest appearances by Linda Evans, Marlo Thomas, Alan Hale Jr., Gavin MacLeod, Jamie Farr, Stafford Repp, Richard Deacon, Madge Blake, Bernie Kopell, Butch Patrick, Henry Gibson, Allan Melvin, Michael Constantine, Pat Priest, David White and Madge Redmond. Some of the most talented funny people in the world!

MPI is an independent entertainment company that produces and distributes some of the world’s most respected cinema, documentaries, performances and television shows. They have so much more to offer and you can visit them at

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “My Favorite Martian: The Complete Collection” a fondly memorable four tubs of popcorn out of five. Seriously, I was so excited to be able to once again visit two of televisions beloved characters. This is one of those rare opportunities that I get to pull up the recliner, grab some snacks and totally immerse myself into a series that is nothing but pure entertainment.

The best part of “My Favorite Martian?” That I get to go from trying to explain the shows I loved as a kid to now sitting with family and friends for some serious laughter. There is no holds barred comedy here provided by Walston and Bixby so getting to remember and still laugh is truly a treasured gift.

There are 107 unedited episodes in this collection along with the special features including Behind-the-Scenes Home Movies, Original Cast & Sponsor Commercials, Spaceship Miniature Test Footage, Ray Walston Promotional Game Show & Talk Show Appearances, Let’s Talk to Lucy – long lost 1964-1965 radio show interviews with Bill Bixby and Ray Walston talking to Lucille Ball, Photo Galleries & Comic Strip, Original Soundtrack Music Album, Vintage Program Sponsor Billboards & Closing Credits, Animation & Effects Reel, Los Jack Chertok Productions TV Pilots” The Man In The Square Suit and The Reluctant Eye.

The “My Favorite Martian: The Complete Collection” will be available on October 20th packed with so much that I suggest a t.v. tray (remember when they were called t.v. trays?) of snacks because this is going to take a while – and worth every second! Enjoy!

In the end — he is truly a favorite uncle from out of this world!



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