Coming to DVD September 4th from director/writer Emily Hagins, MPI Media Group and Dark Sky Films comes a comical look inside the world of MY SUCKY TEEN ROMANCE.

This film tells the story of Kate (Elaine Hurt), a seventeen-year-old girl who is getting ready to head off to college. In their last blast weekend, Kate and her bff Allison (Lauren Lee) decide to head off to SpaceCon, a local sci-fi/fantasty convention. What she doesn’t know is that there is a vampire running around town!

Vince (Devin Bonnee) heads to the local grocery store and turns checker Cindy (Lauren Vunderink) and Paul (Patrick Delgado) into vampires. The three of them also head to SpaceCon knowing everyone will be in costume and they will be able to blend in quite easily. Kate, who has a little crush on Paul, is excited when she sees him at the convention even though he is dressed as a vampire.

Through a simple accident Kate it sort of bit by Paul and to make things right he joins Kate, Allison along with Mark (Tony Vespe) and Jason (Santiago Dietche) to stop Vince and Cindy before its too late!

FINAL WORD: Hurt is very sweet and shy as Kate. Lee is more outgoing and comical about vampires and sees SpaceCon as a place to meet boys! Paul is equally as sweet and shy as Kate but goes through a man-up phase to save the girl he loves. Vespe as Mark is the comic relief is many ways and it works.

Vunderink as Cindy has the potential to be the true ‘bad-girl’ in all this. When her affections aren’t returned things get real! Dietche as Jason is the other guy in Kate’s life dealing with his own crush on her. Nice love triangle happening here!

Director/writer Emily Hagins began her career at age 12 with her film ZOMBIE GIRL! THE MOVIE and a documentary PATHOGEN. She also has eight short films to her resume. MY SUCKY TEEN ROMANCE premiered at SXSW

Other cast include: John Gholson as Martin, Sam Eidson as Lyle, Tina Rodriguez as Gina and Bianca Barnett as herself, the Convention Scream Queen.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give MY SUCKY TEEN ROMANCE three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. Its innovative, inventive and a teens look at the comical output of vampire movies. Not only is director Hagins putting the fun into making-fun of vampires but there are some pretty funny scenes and lines along the way. Yes, this is a quirky film but if anything makes it more worthy of viewing.

The video graphics had me laughing pretty good and was a nice touch to the story. The actors may not be the most seasoned but I took them seriously, in a great comical way. It’s a story of love, geekdom, love triangle, vampires, and more love. The title says it all!

In the end – it’s rough getting a hickey from hell!



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