On DVD from executive producer Matthew Barrett, Mark Young, and Richard Wise with Shanachie and World Media Rights Production comes a 13-hour event on 4 DVD’s with NAZI COLLABORATORS.

This series is a unique insight to a history many didn’t learn in school. In the over 4,000 hours of archival footage with narration by Alisdair Simpson, viewers get a closer look at those involved.

The list includes: 1) Chaim Rumkowski – The Polish Jewish Ghetto, 2) Pierre Laval – The French Vichy Government, 3) The Arajs Kommandos – The Latvian Holocaust, 4) The Belgian Collaborator –Degrelle and his SS, 5) The Croatian Collaborator – Sakic’s Concentration Camps, and 6) Vidkun Quisling – His Puppet Norwegian Nazis.

There is 7) The IRA – Sean Russell and his Group’s Aid to the Nazis, 8) The Grand Mufti – The Collaborator of Jerusalem, 9) Jews In Germany Who Fought for Hitler and Supported Him, 10) The Dutch Collaboration – Mussert, The Shadow Fuerhr, 11) The Greek Collaborator – Rallis and His Puppet Government, 12) The Good Collaborators? – Finland’s Nevalinna and finally 13) Hitler’s Killer Police – The Schutzmannschaft Squad.

These are stories in the history books that have faded into memory for some and for others – as if it happened yesterday.

FINAL WORD: This is truly an intense collection of stories that are so amazingly detailed. I will admit to not even knowing this part of history and was stunned to see how much there is to still learn.

It has always been clear that what happened under Hitler was an atrocity like no other. But Shanachie has put together 650 minutes of lessons that are still yet to be taught. The information is presented, and in some cases, the final decision on whether a person was truly a collaborator is left up to the viewer.

Presenting it in this way takes much courage on the part of the producers, as it may be difficult to understand why some of these people chose the paths they did. There are several reasons presented from doing what was best for people to losing their own lives and the lives of family if they refused.

It is easy to say, “oh I’d never do that” but, in that situation would that still be the same answer one would give? This time in history was the essence of life and death situations based on horrendous fear. While some were obvious collaborators, some may have been in exactly the situation of no choice.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give NAZI COLLABORATORS three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. There is so much information to be taken in and the history of each is so in-depth. It is, at some points, difficult to take in all the information because it is hard to understand at times. The photographs, film and eye witness accounts are astonishing.

This 13 hours is a masterful work of a history that can never be allowed to be repeated again. It is gritty, detailed and massively informative for anyone who wants to explore more about this time in world history

In the end – how could anyone have collaborated with Hitler?



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