Opening in theaters this Friday from director Nicholas Stoller and Universal Pictures comes a tales of craziness when dealing with NEIGHBORS.

This film tells the story of Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly Radner (Rose Byrne), a suburb couple who want a quiet life to raise their little girl. One morning they see a moving van pull up to the vacant house next door and quickly realize that it is not another family – it’s a fraternity!

Led by Teddy (Zac Efron), his sidekick Pete (Dave Franco), Scoonie (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and Garf (Jerrod Carmichael) it doesn’t take long for the Radner’s to realize a party house is going to ruin their peaceful life.

Trying to be neighborly, they extend an olive branch to the college boys hoping that there will be mutual respect or at least a sharing of the blunts. When the partying gets out of hand and the Radner’s call the gang out on their promise to be quiet – all frat breaks loose.

Now both sides begin a battle of strategy and perseverance to see who will win the right to claim peace and quiet!

FINAL WORD: Rogen as Mac turns in his usual performance and that’s neither good nor bad, just usual. I think it’s time for Rogen to put away childish things and if he wants to continue in comedy – do it as an adult and not as an adult who still wants to be in his late teens/early 20’s. The laughs are cheap but he’ll get laughs anyway, don’t worry Rogen (as if you would) I still like ya!

Bryne as Kelly gets a chance to totally lose it! Giving quippy lines as good as she gets makes her stand out in the film. Not sure this is exactly the behavior of a Mom with a small child but hey, I’m not likely to every be called to babysit so good on ya Bryne!

Efron gets a chance here to flex and be as outrageous as he can. Even when he’s having moments of a touching (and I use that term loosely) bromance with Rogen it is funny. His very bi-polar character doesn’t hesitate to bring out the big guns to make his point – what ever that may be.

Franco as Pete has an equal bromance with Efron’s character – even when the bro-code is damaged with what apparently is only a minor infidelity. Silly me, I thought any infidelity was grounds to not be friends but these two refuse to give up on each other. His impression of DeNiro is HILARIOUS!!

Mintz-Plasse (who really needs to shorten his name because some of us have a word count limit to our reviews) is fine as Scoonie, seemingly in the film because he can! Carmichael is just another one of the boys who follows where ever the party made lead.

Other cast include: Ike Barinholtz as Jimmy, Craig Roberts as Assjuice, Ali Cobrin as Whitney, Carla Gallo as Paula, Chasty Ballesteros as Alecia, and Lisa Kudrow as Carol Gladstone.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give NEIGHBORS three tubs of popcorn out of five. There is nothing new here and everything predictable. That being said I’m sure the film will do well with the crowd who wants to laugh. It is crude, silly, and filled with alcohol, pot and breasts – what a great Friday night eh?

Perhaps this is Rogen’s way of admitting that it’s time to put away the bong and rubber guy parts used like a limp light saber and it’s his swan song – oh gawd I can only hope so. Okay, I still can’t stop laughing at Franco’s impression of DeNiro from THE FOCKERS with Jinxy cat!

It’s a big party film that might even remind a few of us what it’s like to want peace and quiet in our neighborhood only to discover that we are now the grumpy ole people. Thanks for the reminder and could you keep it down please?

In the end – its family versus frat!



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