“Welcome to Hell! Three and a Half Months of Marine Corps Boot Camp” by Patrick Turley, his forthcoming book about Marine Corps Boot Camp. will be in bookstores on August 10th. Author Turley captures the time he spent in the San Diego Marine Corps Boot Camp telling of the seemingly outrageous demands made by Drill Instructors on he and his fellow recruits. The ordeal started when one of the Drill Instructors greeted Turley and his group with “Welcome to Hell. ” Hell lasted for what seemed to be an eternity.

The author, who endured and survived the foreboding, looks back and captures those anxious times with a sharp eye for detail and a smile for the people, DI’s and all, who shared the three and a half months. But it is more than a book that beings a smile to Marine veterans when they review it, it is a book that shows in depth the training that produces the elite warriors that make up the U.S. Marine Corps

Michael Ilitch, founder and owner of Little Caesars Pizza, the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Tigers gives great credit to Marine Corps training for his business success too.. After reviewing “Welcome to Hell,” he commented “Boot Camp was tough, really tough. But it was also a valuable experience for me. It helped shape me as a man and as a leader. It developed my mind and my body. It taught me discipline, determination and respect for authority. I learned to think creatively, be organized and not to be afraid in the face of danger. In short, Marine Boot Camp prepared me for a lifetime of success.”

Author Patrick Turley, presently taking the next step for literary success. is currently writing a novel in Jacksonville, Florida. “Welcome to Hell” will be published by History Publishing Company, Palisades, NY in soft cover 9781933909219, and e-book 9781833898226.



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