On DVD from director Gerard Hustache-Mathieu and First Run Features comes an intriguing film with a dream of being NOBODY ELSE BUT YOU.

This film tells the story of crime novelist David Rosseau (Jean-Paul Rouve) who has a bad case of writers block. Getting pressure from the publisher having already taken the money, Rosseau is desperate to find a muse.

Driving through a small town he learns of the suicide of a local celebrity. Known as the Candice Lecoeur (Sophie Quinton), she became famous overnight as the “Belle de Jura” model of cheese. Immediately Rosseau is taken by her story and the similarities to Marilyn Monroe.

With the help of Leloup (Guillaume Gouix), who also feels people are hiding something, the two begin to dig into Candice’s past. The authorities are telling him to back off, her psychiatrist isn’t sharing anything and only her dairies take Rosseau on a journey of clues.

What they discover is not only disturbing, but also sad in the case of a woman who wanted to be loved.

FINAL WORD: Rouve as Rosseau is amazing in this role. There is nothing pretentious about him but instead a downward spiral that works to his advantage. Watching his character become more and more intrigued by a woman he never knew also had its touching moments where it felt as if Rousseau was the only one able to protect her – even if in death.

Quinton as Candice Lecoeur aka Martine Langevin is lovely, with the heart and expression of a wounded woman. Although she smiles Quinton carries the expression of a woman who just can’t find her place. Hearing her thoughts throughout the film added to the intrigue of the film.

Gouix as Leloup is the straight-laced cop who doesn’t like breaking the rules but dislikes a cover up even more.

Other cast include: Olivier Rabourdin as Commandant Colbert, Arsinee Khanjian as Dr. Juliette Geminy, Eric Ruf as Simon Denner, Lyes Salem as Gus, Josephine de Meaux as Cathy, Nicolas Robin as Julien Charlemagne and Ken Samuels as Jean-Francois Burdeau.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give NOBODY ELSE BUT YOU three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. I truly enjoyed watching the story unravel from the writer’s point of view. Even as disgruntled as Rosseau seemed he is drawn in quickly to a story that writes itself, or so he thinks. Quinton is so lovely to watch it almost feels as if one shouldn’t be reading her diary but is compelled to.

It is beautifully filmed with a score from the Mama’s and the Papa’s CALIFORNIA DREAMING along with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins that adds depth to the story and characters. The film moves along at a quick pace and even has moments of odd humor that I adore. For more First Run Feature films go to www.firstrunfeatures.com

In the end – reality can be stranger than fiction.



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