The haunted holiday is a few weeks away and to prepare from writer/director Buz Alexander and Alchemy is the feuding creatures of the night with “Nocturna.”

In New Orleans children are disappearing without a trace and there is no pattern. Taken from homes or off the street the police have no idea how this is happening. Detective Harry Ganat (Mike Doyle) and Roy Cody (Danny Agha) stumble upon a young Katherine (Olivia Dupepe) in an abandoned house who may hold the key to this mystery.

A promise oft protect, she leads them to the Molderos who feed on the blood of children. In a fleeting moment they are brought into the tri-fold of Brisband (Johnathan Schaech), Dimitri and Lydia (Mariana Vicente) who want the Molderos destroyed. Offering the policeman protection, the deal is find the lair and the children will be returned unharmed.

But the Molderos aren’t going to go down quietly as their leader Mauricio (Billy Blair) has a plan for the police. Danny is in trouble with his department, hunted and enchanted by Lydia so something has got to give.

Time is running out for the town’s children!

Other cast include: Estella Warren as Belinda Moldero, Massimo Dobrovic as Carlo, Sari Cummings as Annalynne, Dave Davis as Bobby,

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Nocturna” three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a great story in that it is not just vampire against human but vamp on vamp action as well. This film has several things that put it in mind of a B-vampire movie but in lies the problem – I love B-vampire movies!

There are things that could have been done a little differently with the fight scenes and there are moments the characters had me questioning but again, I’m good with it. This is the kind of film I use to beg my parents to watch on Friday night Fright Night and Saturday’s watching Creature Feature, and even Seymour Presents. Yes, I just dated myself but I don’t care.

“Nocturna” gives fang fans an interesting story, a little vamp love, a kid getting a little revenge, using humans as narcs all rolled up into a neat little package. This is director Alexander’s first film and I’d like to see what other horror films he can come up with! Welcome to the haunted month of October and watch out for Nocturna’s in your own neighborhood!

In the end — to live forever you must first die!



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