Now released on blu-ray and on VOD from director Jonathan Segal and written by Talton Wingate with Freestyle Digital Media comes a tale about NORMAN.

This film tells the story of Norman (Dan Byrd), a teenager in a world of complications. Living with his father Doug (Richard Jenkins), they are trying to deal with the death of Norman’s mother.

Norman is also interested in Emily (Emily VanCamp) but doesn’t know how to handle himself or his feelings for her. Already having trouble dealing with kids his own age, Norman just can’t seem to find where he fits.

Through a misunderstanding, his school comes to believe that Norman is dying of cancer. Seeing the attention it brings him, Norman does nothing to stop the influx of new friends and concerned teachers.

FINAL WORD: Byrd as Norman is perfect casting. There is an awkwardness about him and yet something equally endearing. Just wanting his life back before Mom’s death and father’s decline, it is easy to follow along on his journey. Even when he chooses to let people believe he is dying, not that its in any way okay, but Byrd causes us to hesitate in our judgments.

Jenkins as Doug is equally as heart wrenching having lost his wife and now leaning on Norman more than he should. Everyone has to come to terms with there life and Doug is no exception. Jenkins is such a diversified actor that when he takes on this kind of role I adore him even more!

VanCamp as Emily is like any teenage girl who doesn’t want her heart broke. Somehow this is even worse than she could have imagined and VanCamp brings those emotions out fully in this role.

Other cast includes: Adam Goldberg as Mr. Angelo, Billy Lush as James, Camille Mana as Helen, Jesse Head as Bradley, Johnny Aylward as Robert, Sewell Whitney as Dr. Malloey, Kevin Partridge as Steve, Jess Rosick as Frank and Jerry Sciarrio as Principal Harbuck.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give NORMAN four tubs of popcorn out of five. This really is a beautiful story, well done in its telling, marvelous cast to take the viewer along for the ride and simply elegant all around.

There is no way anyone watching can’t be moved by the twists and trials of Norman’s life. One small misunderstanding can change the world and he doesn’t realize the ripple effect of the choice he makes. Who among us doesn’t somehow truly understand every move this teen makes? I mean seriously, I don’t think most of us would lie about dying but the premise is totally relatable. What this does is truly allow us to feel for him and deep down know that Norman is more than he realizes.

The blu-ray DVD includes the theatrical trailer, “The Making of Norman”, the music of Norman with composer Andrew Bird and director Jonathan Segal as well as deleted scenes, bloopers and a photo gallery.

In the end – with love, humility and a heavy dose of truth he must face the challenges!

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