From director/writer Kim Hak-soon and Well Go USA Entertainment comes an amazing forgotten battle on the “Northern Limit Line.”

It is June 29, 2002 and the FIFA World Cup has captured the world’s imagination. The citizens of South Korea are no exception as excitement builds. The sailors of both South and North Korea patrol what is called the Northern Limit Line keeping an eye on one another.

The line was placed during the 1953 Armistice Agreement that gave each side control over certain areas. A territorial waters limit of 3 nautical miles kept both sides at bay from one another.

When Battleship 357 and crew began to patrol the line, they had no idea of what was to happen. North Korea sent two patrol boats that began bombarding the South Korean Battleship in what was to become the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong.

The word courage is sometimes not big enough.

Lee Hyun-woo as Corporal Park is nothing short of stellar. He is clearly a personable soldier who cares deeply for even the roughest of crew members. His ability to show such emotion under dire circumstances will bring viewers to the same wave of feeling as I did.

Kim My-yeol as Lt. Commander Yoon is the man who has to be strong for the strength of his family. With each decision he makes, the Lieutenant brings pride to his father. Jin Goo as Sgt. Han is an angry man who just needs to know that he has people who care about him. He learns that quickly from Corporal Park Mother, a woman who accepts the young man as a member of their family.

Other cast include: Lee Wan as Lt. Hee-wan, Kim Ji-hoon as Jo Chun-hyung, Jang Joon-hak as Hwang Do-hyum, Joo Hee-joong as Seo Hoo-won, Lee Min-ho as Corporal Kwon Gi-hung, and Han Seong-yong as Sergeant Lee.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Northern Limit Line” five tubs of popcorn out of five. This film is stunning in so many ways from the telling to the cinematography. First of all, the history of the film is amazing and after watching I could not help but look up more about it.

The characters in the film are portrayed with such emotion, humor and believability — which is what brings every bit of heart to the screen.

In the end — the forgotten battle is remembered once again!



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