Nothing changes like change in ‘Silicon Valley’

On Blu-ray from HBO Home Entertainment is the continuing look at the world through the eyes of those at the beginning of the technology age with “Silicon Valley: The Complete Fourth Season.”

Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani) has helped to change Pied Piper to the video chat app called PiperChat. That isn’t the problem really as the team is trying to fund it on their own. Dinesh and Gilfoyle (Martin Starr) know there is only one more play and it’s with Russ Hanneman (Chris Diamantopoulos). Richard (Thomas Middleditch) isn’t happy about what it going on around him and feels that he needs to take his ideas elsewhere. That leaves the CEO job open and Dinesh is offered up.

Richard’s first lockout is when he asks Dinesh for data and is told he is locked out. Not about to be stopped, he finds a way in and discovers that the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act has been violated by PiperChat.

Gavin (Matt Ross) and Jack are back from China but there is something happening that causes Gavin to use a video chat to find answers. Discovering what Jack is up to, Gavin reaches out to Dinesh to shut down the app altogether. Avoiding legal problems that Richard knows about is the only way to make it all go away.

Of course, it isn’t that easy yet Jack manages to avoid dealing with the legal implications of COOPA. Richard is working like crazy on his internet project and it’s about to take a turn when Monica lets him know that she knew someone who was working on something similar once. Turns out it is Peter Gregory and Richard gets his hands on the archives of his work. The problem he discovers is that Hooli once again has their hands in everything.

Gavin is on board with helping Richard, especially when its discovered that it could knock Hooli out. Richard works out a business plan but wants to keep the launch less than obvious. Erlich (T.J. Miller) believes that Laurie (Suzanne Cryer) is going to be forced out of Raviga by Ed Chen but it isn’t much of a surprise for anyone.

Dinesh doesn’t know what to do about his relationship with Mia (Phoebe Neidhardt) but that might not be an issue when he discovers a hack that is disturbing. Deciding to talk to Richard about what has been happening, he isn’t the only one not happy with what has been happening as Gavin turns everything over to Richard.

Leaving a mess, Richard is confronted by Russ about the whole thing and it turns, shall we say messy? Reaching out to Dan Melcher to work a deal, he has to babysit Erlich which turns into Erlich trying to get a job with Feldspar.

Pied Piper in online and breaks the top 500 app! Richard knows he needs to find an attorney and begin litigation for the royalties. Of course, he is a step behind when Burke has a longer arm and pins Richard against a wall after a failed Hail-Mary threat.

Who knew the weather would put the Pied Piper team once again close to ruin from the storage center. Richard reaches out to Erlich to get a meeting with Feldspar thinking they could get something going with their VR tech. Dinesh and Gilfoyle manage to use Pied Piper’s algorithm that gives the VR a boost. With an offer of a $25 million buyout, Richard learns from Monica (Amanda Crew) that it’s a farce by Feldspar and that she is willing to fund them.

Going into Hooli-Conference, the Pied Piper team sneaks in with their routers. Placing them all around the convention, they wait for Feldspar to bring in their VR presentation only to watch it fall apart and Hooli phones go haywire by exploding. Now Jack has to deal with millions of devices affected.

Richard uses Anton to store data and Barker takes off to China, as they have no choice but to increase production. Gavin has run off to Tibet but learns Barker has been taken hostage. Knowing he has to rescue him, it means coming back reinstated at Hooli’s CEO.

Pied Piper is back on investors radar and it is Gavin who offers Richard a deal. That’s when he discovers Richard has made a deal with Bream/Hall. Angry, he threatens Richard who lets Gavin know that he isn’t worried at all. In fact, Richard makes a threat, or prediction of his own saying he plans to make Hooli obsolete.

“Silicon Valley” has become one of the most popular series on HBO with its storyline that is tech-based mixed with comedy. These characters are worth every minute to keep up with because the twists and turns are insane and cool.

The series was created by Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky with the story of five guys who are trying to get their startup company started in the Silicon Valley. HBO premiered the show in 2014 and has already been reviewed for a fifth season!

There are laughs enough for all yet there is also intricate storylines in the high-tech world that had me learning far more than I ever imagined. I’m pretty much a tech failure being I just want things to work when I turn them on and don’t care how that happens. The cast plays off each other with ease and that’s the biggest thing that makes this show work.

Each character has its own idea of how the world works and the clashes are sometimes beyond belief, yet I tune in for each episode knowing there is so much more to come. I certainly don’t claim to understand everything they talk about but I’m dang sure willing to learn.

“Silicon Valley” brings us all on the ride of satire embedded in a bit of reality with a quirkiness that makes it one surprise after another. If you are looking for a unique view of the world through the eyes of techies then get in on the fun. “Silicon Valley: The Complete Fourth Season” is now available on Blu-ray and Digital HD.

In the end — they are changing the way things change!



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