On Bluray now is season three of the highly acclaimed series ONCE UPON A TIME. Now let me start out by saying that I had heard of the show and casually came across an episode now and again. Time isn’t always on my side and I didn’t have a DVR so I added it to the list of series I would eventually watch.

Well, that has all changed! I have sat through season three and I didn’t stop until the very last episode. How can I say this – OMG! This show is a dysfunctional train wreck that I couldn’t stop watching. Trust me when I say this is a very, very good thing.

So let’s start from scratch a little. The series is revolves around Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) who – are you ready? – is the daughter of Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) and David (Josh Dallas). This wouldn’t be a big deal except when she learns that Mom is really Snow White and Dad is Prince Charming. But wait….

There is someone who isn’t happy about this and that would be Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) who also just happens to be – that’s right – the Evil Queen who isn’t a big fan of Snow White.

Emma has a son Henry (Jared Gilmore) who, through a twist, ends up with Regina. Did I mention Emma is also known as ‘the Savior’? In the middle of that is Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) who is really Rumplestiltskin and he’s in love with Belle (Emilie de Ravin) – wha whaaaaaat! I know right?

All of this happens in a not-so-sleepy little town of Storybrooke – and I want to go there! This town harbors ‘whose been sleeping in my bed’ Granny (Beverley Elliott), Ruby (Meghan Ory), Doc (David-Paul Grove), Sleepy (Gaustino Di Bauda) and Henry’s father Neal aka a prior lost-boy named Baelfire (Michael Raymond-James) and I’m not even going to tell you who HIS father is!

So, season three is where I come in and someone is making life difficult for the storybook folk of Storybrooke! Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) makes his entrance but this isn’t the Pan you were raised on by any stretch of the imagination. Clearly this kid has unresolved issues with a mean streak a mile wide! Enter Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), and his story is definitely one I’m not going to spoil along with Smee (Chris Gauthier).

Emma, Snow, Charming, Evil, Rumple and Hook are trying to find Henry and there is only one place – on Pan’s island. As the episodes unfold, more of the back story of the characters are brought up and holy cow are there more twists than a Bavarian pretzel here. Even Ariel (JoAnna Swisher) who is looking for her own Prince and a happy ending, joins in to help them against Pan.

If fighting off bad boy Pan isn’t hard enough, they encounter a certain green faced witch aka Zelena (Rebecca Mader) or Wicked Witch of the West if you prefer, who is about to add fuel to the story’s fire. She is a little miffed and, like Pan, isn’t about to let anyone off easily.

Putting her powers up against Regina/Evil Queen, these two go at it like cats on a hot tin roof and its fantastic. Using Mr. Gold/Rumple to help in the evil plot to take powers from her enemies, it’s a fight to the finish – or is it?

Meantime, Emma and Hook travel through a portal to discover that the story of her parents might not happen if they don’t help Snow and Charming meet. Along the way Emma sees how it was for her parents and what dealing with the Evil Queen was really like because a book doesn’t tell it all!

Other characters to watch out for are: Sean Maguire as Robin Hood, Rose McIver as Tinker Bell, Keegan Tracy as Blue Fairy, Jamie Chung as Mulan, Sunny Mabrey as Glinda, Tony Amendola as Geppetto, Sarah Bolger as Princess Aurora, Freya Tingley as Wendy Darling, Christopher Gorham as the Wizard of Oz (well, sort of) and Alexandra Metz as Rapunzel.

What a fantastic series. Do I have any complaints? Well, I wouldn’t call them complaints really, just things I notice like some weird make up, to much sparkly stuff, a line or two here and there that make my eyes roll and a character doing something that makes me slap my head and say ‘are you kidding me right now!’. So I wouldn’t call these complaints really because even with all of that I still could not stop watching.

The writing is absolutely amazing, the complexity of the storylines are filled with connections I would have never thought of. The costuming is pretty darn cool and I suppose I’m mainly speaking of the gowns and dashing outfits of the men folk of yore.

The characters are insanely clever and the actors that play them are in it deep and every bit of it shows. This is definitely not childhood characters we might remember but that adds to the fascination of the show. I mean me…kinda digging on Captain Hook? In what universe would that ever have been possible! Rumplestiltskin in love? Stop the crazy talk right? It’s all here folks!

So, you are probably asking yourself if I intend to watch season four when it airs in September right? Watch it you ask? I got a DVR it because there is no way I’m going to miss out on the new season with the last few minutes of the season finale stuck in my head.

I have a sneaking feeling that FROZEN fans won’t have to wait long to see what is going to happen with Elsa and where Elsa is – Anna can’t be to far behind!

So to catch up; get your copy of ONCE UPON A TIME: Season Three with every episode and tons of extras. The Bluray exclusives are Inside the Writers’ Room, Deleted Scenes, Wicked Villains, The Tale of Ariel, The Fairest Bloopers of Them All and Audio Commentaries.

Don’t walk – run, fly, slap your tail, snap your fingers, create a brew or make a deal at the wheel but go get your copy now before season four begins later this month on ABC.

In the end – all I know is that I want to go to Storybrook!



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