Coming to theatres from director John Burgess and Principle Entertainment comes a different kind of love with ONE SMALL HITCH.

This film tells the story of Josh Shiffman (Shane McRae), a man on his way home to a family wedding. Also in the airport is Molly Mahoney (Aubrey Dollar), after discovering her boyfriend is actually married, she runs into Josh and cries on his shoulder about the whole thing.

But Josh is thinking about the bad news he received from home. Dad Max (Daniel J. Travanti) is ill and he tells his son the one thing he had hoped to see was his son happily married. Josh gets the brainstorm to take Molly home to the family!

Getting over the initial freak out of it all, Josh and Molly fall into their respective roles as an engaged couple. That is until Josh runs into Giselle (Heidi Johanningmeier) and a fling ensues. Molly is fine with it…but is she really?

Josh is going to have to decide what he really wants before Molly ends it all.

FINAL WORD: McRae as Josh is a handsome player who wants it all. It is clear he doesn’t know women in the slightest. His family has already pegged him as a player but are thrilled he has ‘changed’. The fact that Josh wants to do this for his father is admirable but McRae gives his character moments of hopefulness followed by equal moments of reverting to type. I enjoyed watching his performance as it wasn’t overplayed at all.

Dollar as Molly is a young woman trying to discover why she keeps making the same mistakes regarding love. Simply looking for someone who sees her for who she is, Dollar portrays Molly as a girl slowly understanding who she is and what she wants. Not always good at choosing the right man, Dollar’s performance also clearly shows a young woman who sees the potential of love and a good life with someone who starts out a friend.

I was thrilled to see Travanti as I have always been a great admirer of his work. Playing this role of a man who knows his limits, he also has a sense of humor and a great laugh. Playing opposite McRae is a stroke of genius as, once again, I have to say the porch scene got to me.

Brooks as Frida is totally a Mom! Thrilled that her son is settling down it all comes to a grinding halt once she spies Josh in the lobby of the hotel. Keeping it to herself Brooks brings a seething to her character that I can relate to! Once she lets it out there is no stopping her and I appreciated seeing the lioness come out.

Other cast include: Mary Jo Faraci as Doreen, Ron Dean as Art, Robert Belushi as Sean, Rebecca Spence as Carla, Kily Spottiswoode as Suzanne, Jen Lilley as Larissa, Emily Handley as Gwen, Courtney Parks as Alexis and Roni Geva as Iris.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give ONE SMALL HITCH three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. It is a charming look at the complications of relationships, not just in love but in life. I do so love the scene between McRae and Travanti on the porch, more fathers and sons should have conversations like that – tugs at the heart for sure.

Watching these two characters believe they can pull this off, there was a nice natural progression of a childhood friendship to adulthood with comedy in between. Dollar really does give Molly a sweet quality, especially when realizing she is bonding with Josh’s family. McRae has his charming moments letting Josh’s guard down that shows he isn’t the player he thinks he is.

I really enjoyed watching the families all celebrate Josh’s ‘engagement’ like it was a Super Bowl win! Both sides of the family brought such comedy and behaviors that I truly believe audiences, especially those who have been engaged before, will laugh at.

Director Burgess says of the film, “At its heart, ONE SMALL HITCH is a film about family. There’s a fun love triangle and some screwball comedic moments but ultimately this story is about the relationships between its characters. So the experience I am most trying to communicate with ONE SMALL HITCH is that of life and relationships coming full circle.”

In the end – love with strings attached.



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