This week from directors Amariah and Obin Olson with Alchemy comes a tension filled ride on the word of an “Operator.”

Pamela Miller (Mischa Barton) is a police dispatcher going through some rough times. Dealing with the separation from husband and Senior Officer Jeremy Miller (Luke Goss) and trying to make life comfortable for daughter Cassie (Riley Bundick).

At work only a short time she puts the headset on and takes the first 911 call of the day. On the other end is a mysterious voice (Ving Rhames) who lets her know that Cassie is now his hostage and if Pamela does everything asked of her – all will be well. The voices’ first request sends her husband and partner Howard (Michael Pare′) to an abandoned street. Confused, it comes clear when they are rammed by a big rig.

That’s only the beginning as Pamela sends the two officers from one address to another while also trying to piece together what this is all about. The clock is ticking and the ways to contact Jeremy are limited as the voice is tapped into every part of the 911 system.

Who is behind this and why is the $200 million dollar question!

Barton as Pamela Miller is a woman trying to keep her life together. Not only is it great to see Barton again but see her in a role that has so much going on. For a large part of the film she is literally stuck behind the headset dealing with ways to keep the voice happy, keep people safe and worry about her daughter. I much preferred when she finally gets to join her hubby and bring the bad guys down.

Goss as Jeremy Miller look the part as a police officer who has demons he’s battling. Trying to get it right to come home to his wife and child, the day proves to bring every challenge imaginable. Goss gets to jump right into the action almost immediately and give it every muscle he’s got. It doesn’t hurt that he is cool and handsome but that aside he has a intense look that would make anyone believe he is not about to let the bad guy get away.

Rhames as the Voice on the other end of the line is one twisted individual and he’s going to make sure that he gets what he wants. Rhames has the voice to pull this off too and when he says do something – might I suggest it be done! I enjoyed his performance because he seemed to enjoy playing the bad guy.

Pare′ as Howard is trying to keep up with his partner! With every stop there is more mayhem and madness but they keep moving forward. Pare′ has had a busy year and playing a law enforcement character seems to be his forte and I don’t mind it at all.

Other cast include: Maurice Chevalier as Officer Espinosa, Tony Demil as Tony, Walter Hendrix III as Officer Stanton, Windell Kinney as Officer Williams, Summer Perkins as Grace, Julie Guevara as Karen, Althea Tines as Monique and Eric Davis as Eddie.

Alchemy brings film and television to fans covering all genres from some of the world’s finest filmmakers such as Richard Linklater, Werner Herzog, John Hillcoat, John Turturro and James Cameron. Upcoming Alchemy releases include “Meet the Patels,” “Mia Madre,” “Love” and “The Lobster.” For more of what Alchemy has to offer please visit

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Operator” three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a film full of trippy twists and turns, action and a few ‘oh no that did not just happen!’ shout outs. Jumping in from the get-go are the kind of films I enjoy the most.

The cast really makes the storyline work and the cinematography is very cool. The stunts are well done too. There is more I could tell you but seriously, I am not about to give anything away because the twists are what make “Operator” worth every moment!

In the end — what’s your emergency?



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