On DVD now from EntertainmentOne and director John Lyde and Arrowstorm Entertainment comes the search for OZOMBIE.

This film tells the story of Dusty (Eve Mauro), a young woman on a search for her brother who believes that Osama Bin Laden is still alive. Making her way through Afghanistan she meets up with a Special Forces division of soldiers on a secret assignment.

Chip (Corey Seiver), leads his platoon into a clash of zombies. With Derek (Jasen Wade), Tomboy (Danielle Churchran), and Chapo (William Rubio) it is attack after attack. What these soldiers don’t realize is that when the raid on bin Laden’s compound took place, the soldiers came in just as he injected himself with radio active materials.

In a freak accient he ended up in the water zombie walking till he came to shore. Infecting everyone he came in contact with an army of the undead was created. Now they all must find the source soon before there are more undead than there are live!

FINAL WORD: Mauro knows a little more about zombies than the rest of the cast since she tackled them once before in a film called ZOMBIE VS. STRIPPERS. Here she gets a second chance to tackle the pesky critters in a desert settling and she doesn’t miss a beat.

Seiver himself has dealt with vampires, demons, dragons, aliens and the immortal gods of Olympus. Its no surprise he can take off his shirt with ease and without fear of bites or scratches (plus he looks good). This time he gets to repeately save the girl while taking down one of the most wanted men in history – for a second time.

Other cast includes: Mike Black as Aasif, James Gaisford as Bravo, Paul D. Hunt as Joker, Danny James as Herc, Andrew W. Johnson as Kaleed, Jeff Kirkam as Whiskey and Walter Carmona as Ozombie.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give OZOMBIE three tubs of popcorn out of five. I have to admit I spent alot of time laughing at this film. The action is pretty cool but to see any Afghans being zombies was just hilarious. The filming is well done and the special effects are definetly very, very cool.

Director Lyde goes zombie to the walls on this one and allows the film to become an addition to anyone’s zombie film collection!

In the end – he is the axis of the evil undead!



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