Coming to DVD from writer/director Eleanor Coppola and Sony Pictures Classics is a feast for the eyes and the mind when “Paris Can Wait.”

Anne (Diane Lane) has an extremely busy life currently in France. Married for over twenty years to producer husband Michael (Alec Baldwin), she takes care of his peccadilloes and schedule. When Michael is called away to deal with an emergency situation, they decide to meet up in Paris in seven hours.

Not feeling well, Anne decides that flying to Paris isn’t going to work. Friend Jacques (Arnaud Viard) volunteers to drive her but she isn’t sure that is such a good idea. Immediately Jacques begins the conversation wanting to know how she feels about life. Of course that gets cut short with their first stop because — well Jacques wants to eat.

Anne wonders how they are ever going to get to Paris in seven hours, especially when they are forced to spend the night at a small hotel. Michael is frustrated that she is not in Paris yet, not that he is either. Inviting Anne to dinner, they enjoy wine and good food and she lets her hair down just a little.

This won’t be the first stop as their two day journey gives Anne time to relax, take photos and understand that stopping to smell the roses can be a good thing, especially if Jacques has anything to do with it.

It is never too late to regain a lust for life!

Lane as Anne is once again taking the role of a woman who gets caught up in what’s good for everyone else. Lost in the maze of things that has to be done for others, this character has become numb to being equally as caught up in her self. Yes, we have seen this kind of role from Lane before but let me say this, as a woman of a certain age myself; it is these roles that Lane reminds me to zest up my own life.

Viard as Jacques is the wild and crazy friend/driver who has a strong feeling about everything. He sits back and breathes, drinks wine, drives a little crazy, sees the beauty in an old building and even smokes when he knows he shouldn’t. The way he treats his friends is so lovely and he makes it all look so easy. Of course it should be as the lessons Jacque teaches with grace and funny style.

Baldwin as Michael is a very needy individual! He knows that Anne is a pro at taking care of him, so much so she can tell where his glasses are in a suitcase that is no where near her! How many women do you know that can do that — right — a lot of us. Calling Anne during her road trip he hints that Jacques might not have been a good choice to drive (which is something I think significant others say when feeling insecure). It’s a small role for Baldwin and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Other cast include Elise Tielrooy as Martine, Linda Gegusch as Anne Marie, Elodie Navarre as Carol and Cedric Monnet as Gardien de Musee.

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The DVD includes “Deleted Scenes,” “Through Anne’s Lens: A Photo Gallery, ” “Indulging the Senses: Filming a Trip Through France” and “Late Bloomer: Eleanor Coppola Directs.”

“Paris Can Wait” is a film about remembering who we are, especially when caught up in being something for everyone else but ourselves. Lane, although overwhelmed with life, gives this character strength and the ability to bend when the realizing that life can be lovely kicks in.

I love the relationship that builds between Lane’s and Jacques characters. They are the definition of yin and yang but it’s clear that they had something to learn from each other. That’s what makes a romantic comedy memorable! Yes there is the funny, the back and forth but it is in those scenes where all that it set aside and changes happen that capture my heart.

In the end — take a break and journey with love and friendship through France!



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