Coming to theatres nationwide and on VOD this Friday from director Wayne Kramer and Anchor Bay Films comes stories that connect with the PAWN SHOP CHRONICLES.

This film tells the story of the local pawnshop run by Alton (Vincent D’Onofrio), an old guy who is being kept company by Johnson (Chi McBride). The first costumer of the day is Vernon (Lukas Haas) who brings his shotgun for pawn. Cutting a hard deal everyone is happy.

Except Raw Dog (Paul Walker) and Randy (Kevin Rankin) who want to rob someone but now they don’t have a gun. Lamar (Matt O’Leary) doesn’t help things by stealing what is left of their money and now they have to go weapons hunting. Poor Vernon is left in a ditch but is ‘saved’ by The Man (Thomas Jane) who offers him salvation in the form of a shiny shotgun.

Back at the pawn shop Richard (Matt Dillion) and his girlfriend Sandy (Rachelle Lefevre) come in to pawn a ring. Things change dramatically when Richard finds a ring in the shop that once belonged to his first wife Cindy (Pell James).

Finding out the ring was sold to the pawnshop by J.J. (DJ Qualls) who works at Lou’s Fire Pit; Richard begins the long task of tracking down how the ring got to the shop! Ending up in the home of Johnny Shaw (Elijah Wood) where going fishing takes on a whole new meaning.

Ricky ‘Elvis’ (Brendan Frasier) is on the road with girlfriend Teresa (Ashlee Simpson) who dumps him on the way to a show. He has to make a pit stop at the pawnshop to get some cash with an Elvis gold necklace. Figuring on a haircut, Ricky bumps into a man who says he can give everything he’s ever wanted.

In this town everything that goes around – comes around!

FINAL WORD: D’Onofrio is hilarious as the pawnshop owner. The way he reasons things is not only hilarious but also so simple. Explaining his feelings to friend McBride is strange until you realize that McBride actually understands him! That adds to the hilarity.

Walker cracks me up because this is a role of a total crazy man! Always put together and handsome to the girls – this character isn’t exactly what fans will be use to. His philosophy on racism is like a walk through cement in its process but he makes a great point.

Dillion gets to be a gun toting bad ass with a taste for revenge; it’s the kind of revenge that might make jaws drop in this film. I have to admit that I didn’t breathe for a moment in the scene between he and Elijah Wood, which I am sure, was the effect the filmmakers were looking for…you’re welcome!

I have no idea what’s up with Wood these days but his role are getting more crazy and fantastic at the same time. I suppose it’s hard to break a Frodo type mold so he’s doing whatever it takes – and doing it well.

Frasier as Ricky is clearly a man who doesn’t realize he has nothing in common with Elvin – either that or he really doesn’t have friends who can just say it like it is. That being said I’ve never seen a man more dedicated to Elvis than Ricky so once again there is a duality here that keeps the audience scratching their heads while laughing at the same time.

Haas, Rankin and Reedus put in their time as well and add their own unique characters to not only keep the storyline going but the craziness flowing. This truly is a film that is going to be a guilty pleasure and I, for one, am thrilled to be a part of that group.

Other cast include: Sam Hennings as Virgil, Michael Cudlitz as Ben, Kaitlin Ferrell as Carlee, Bernard Hocke as Doc, Adam Minarovich as George and Norman Reedus as Stanley.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give PAWN SHOP CHRONICLES three tubs of popcorn out of five. Sometimes it was a stretch to follow there thought process and if you take life to seriously then this isn’t the film for you. Filmed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a mere five million dollars it was more enjoyable than most films costing two hundred and fifty million! There are shock moments and pure insanity with the intertwining of each story.

I enjoyed every aspect, no matter how sort of shocking, and couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. There’s a right amount of serious twistedness mixed in with crazy humor, a dash of ridiculous characters whipped up together and voila’ you have PAWN SHOP CHRONICLES!

In the end – one small town pawnshop but big time wild ride!



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