Coming to DVD from director Danny Buday and Lionsgate is a family story about how the animals might know a little more than their two-legged friends with “Paws P.I.”

Peter (Neal Genys) and his best furry friend Jackson (voiced by Jon Lovitz) are going through difficult times along with Dad Connor (Eddie Mills). Even family bird Peabody (Circus-Szalewski) is aware that the two guys are struggling.

Next door neighbor pup-Cleo and young girl Madison (Selah Atwood) accidentally tells Peter that his Dad’s P.I. business has closed. Asking his Dad about their situation, Peter suggests that his Dad reopen the business in their garage and do it together.

But first, he joins Dad and Aunt Niki (Bonnie Allen) to deal with the first anniversary of his Mom’s passing. Of course, it’s also the opportunity to try and tell Connor how to live his life. That doesn’t stop the duo from finishing up the garage-office and just in time too as their first client comes knocking at the door.

Katherine Worthington (Celesta Hodge) talks about her great Aunt and a will she doesn’t believe is legitimate. Believing there is an original copy hidden in a mansion, she wants Connor to find it without her Uncle Forest (David Price) discovering what is happening. Knocking on the mansion door, Connor is greeted by Clyde (Rick Moose) and shoved in a room coming face to face with Forest Worthington.

Feeling that she wouldn’t be safe looking for the will any further, Connor tells her that he can’t continue on the case. Peter, along with Jackson and Peabody, decide that they will take over the case to help his dad that includes a little trip to the mansion! Of course, it all becomes a little much when the police wonder if he’s responsible for a break-in at the mansion.

That’s when Peter, Jackson, Madison and Cleo come together to find the will and stop Forest Worthington!

Genys as Peter is a young man who wants his father to succeed but discovers that he’s got a little bit of the private investigator in him as well. Lovitz as the voice of Jackson is full of one-liners and wisecracks towards his bird friend Peabody played by Szalewski. Atwood as Madison is a true friend to Peter along with her own pup Chloe.

Mills as Connor is a man coming to terms with the loss of his wife and the closing of his business. It’s Peter who helps him regroup his thinking. Hodge as Katherine is a vet who knows her uncle is not doing the right thing. She wants to make the mansion an animal hospital. Speaking of her uncle, Price as Forest Worthington has plans for the property that don’t include Katherine!

Brunetti as Jim is a cop who just might not be in on the protect and service motto. Giovagnoli is Wanda the female officer who knows that Worthington thinks he owns the town. Moose as Clyde works for Worthington but isn’t as smart as he thinks he is, especially when it comes to stopping Peter and Jackson. MacIntosh as Rosco is a doggie who needs a new home!

Other cast includes: Christian Brunetti as Jim, Lexi Giovagnoli as Wanda, Corey MacIntosh as Roscoe.

Lionsgate is a global leader in motion picture production and distribution for theaters, television, home entertainment and more. Theater franchises include “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent,” along with “John Wick.” Now, adding this film to its 16,000 motion picture and television titles you can see everything coming soon as well as available now at

“Paws P.I.” is a family film for everyone to enjoy. The themes of family, the death of a parent, struggle, friendship between a boy and his dog and loyalty among all the animals are charming and heartfelt. It is nice when a film can include the realities of life but also embrace the emotions that help to heal and promote closeness.

Of course, dogs aren’t the only animals in the film as the very wise bird Peabody seems to keep everyone in check. I admit that his use of the computer is much better than I can do. He has his comical moments but mainly keeps everyone focused on the task of solving the mystery.

There’s nothing like realizing that we are all in it together and staying strong to keep the bad guys at bay – and sometimes we get the help of special furry and feathered friends.

In the end – saving families and fighting crime is a dog’s life!



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