In his new gritty, eye-opening novel Persia Rising, retired law enforcement officer Mark B. Langford introduces his readers to a chilling and all-too plausible America where a series of horrific terrorist attacks occur.

American Muslim terrorist Ajay Majumbar plans and carries out the attacks. Beginning with his unhappy and isolated childhood in rural Texas, Langford chronicles Majumbar’s life as he grows up to become a mass murderer and psychopathic jihadist. Aided by commandos from Iran, Russia, and China, Majumbar’s ultimate goal is nothing less than to execute a series of spectacular, coordinated attacks designed to decimate the Western world, specifically, the United States and its NATO allies.

As the first book of the Long War Series, Langford ultimately provides an inside look at how easily and realistically enemies of the United States can destroy our homeland, as well as the measures U.S. civilians should take in the event of another coordinated attack. Langford says he, “Designed the book as the ‘ultimate table-top exercise’ for citizens, emergency responders, planners, and the military to use as a template to guide their mindset and response to a similar scenario actually occurring.”

The edge-of-your-seat thriller also explores other timely and relevant issues including:
• Exactly how Islamic extremists can cause more terrorist attacks using weapons of mass destruction;
• The weaknesses and vulnerabilities in America’s national security;
• Whether domestic emergency management agencies have sufficient resources and supply lines to deal with another series of terrorist attacks;
• Some of the best ways American civilians can prepare for another terrorist attack

Persia Rising forces its readers to consider what will happen if another series of terrorist attacks takes place in the United States, while asking, “Can our nation survive? Will our culture survive? Will you survive?”

Mark B. Langford spent four years in the U.S. Navy, where he served on the USS Shreveport LPD-12, a dock ship that delivered U.S. Marines overseas. Shortly after his discharge, Langford began working for the Trinidad Police Department. He also worked for the Las Animas County Sheriff Department where he was promoted to sergeant. Later, he retired from the Basalt Police Department in 2007. Langford spent the majority of his career as a patrol supervisor. He also worked in arrest control, firearms, SWAT tactics, and active-shooter response. Currently, he lives in Roaring Fork River, Colorado with his wife, two spoiled dogs, and free-range cat.


Persia Rising is available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. E-books are also available on all e-readers.



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