Coming to Blu-ray from writer/director Justin Barber and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is a woman who will not let go of “Phoenix Forgotten.”

In Phoenix in 1997, amazing and puzzling lights are spotted over the Arizona skies. Josh is a young man who always has a camera at the ready and manages to capture the event. He is determined to know where the lights came from and enlists the help of friends to find answers. Heading out into the desert, they all disappear.

Sophie (Florence Hartigan) is a young woman who has never forgotten her brother Josh’s disappearance. It has been twenty years since and she returns home to try once again to find answers. Along with her own camera, Sophie begins to document the story of her journey to find Josh (Luke Roberts) and friends Ashley (Chelsea Lopez) and Mark (Justin Matthews).

Amongst Josh’s belongings are videos of that night as well as video Sophie had never seen before. She also speaks with Ashley and Mark’s parents about what they remember. It is her desire to find answers that bring clues even closer to what happened to the three teens. In the most unexpected place, Sophie will have all the answers she would ever need.

And all the fright she could ever want!

Hartigan as Sophie is a determined young woman as the years are becoming too much without answers. I enjoyed her character taking everything one step at a time leading the story. Roberts as Josh is a young man with curiosity that leads him to the desert and when you go looking for trouble — well, you get the rest.

Lopez as Ashley is an adventurous young woman who could never have seen what was coming. This actress does an amazing job and she is one tough cookie. Matthews as Mark wants to support his friend and doesn’t mind a day out in the desert. He is clearly the jokester of the group until things end up being not so funny.

Other cast include Clint Jordan as Steve, Cyd Strittmatter as Caroline, Jeanine Jackson as Melissa, Matt Biedel as Dan, and Ana Dela Cruz as Luisa.

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The Blu-ray and DVD special features include “Sophie’s Story,” “Phoenix Found” and “Audio Commentary with director Justin Barber and actors Florence Hartigan, Chelsea Lopez and Justin Matthews.” Watch these features because they add another layer to this story! Included also is Digital HD that means you can watch the film from television, computer, tablets and Smartphones.

“Phoenix Forgotten” is a cool story about what happens when lights in the night sky bring out the curious. It has been a while since a film like this has been released which makes it even more fascinating to watch.

Based on the Phoenix Lights that happened in Arizona March 13, 1977, the film brings an air of that time period on the video that is well done. The story tells about the V-shaped objects found in the night sky that could be seen in several places in Arizona. Calls began coming about the object as the National UFO Reporting Center received a report from Prescott that, “while doing astrophotography — five yellow-white lights in a V-formation moved slowly across the sky”.

More reports from Phoenix as well but this wouldn’t be the last time the lights would be seen. It would happen again in 2007 and in 2008 leading to several documentaries on the infamous Phoenix Lights.

Now, “Phoenix Forgotten” adds suspense and mystery into a storyline that takes its time in the telling and will end with your jaw on the floor. Shot in a “found footage” format, director Barber seems to have gotten the upper hand at jarring camera movements and I personally thank him for that.

This is a great night film to curl up on the couch with so get the popcorn ready and turn down the lights for “Phoenix Forgotten.”

In the end — based on a shocking untold story of true events!



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