Coming to DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is Gekko, Catboy and Owlette ready to save the day with “PJ Masks: Time to be a Hero!”

Are you ready for some awesome animated super heroes like you’ve never seen before? Well, “PJ Masks” is just that as Greg becomes Gekko, Cannon becomes Catboy and Amaya becomes Owlette to help make things right when they go wrong. They take adventure to new heights!

Gekko’s Blame Game has the trio solving the mystery of who has taken Cameron’s car. Greg/Gekko isn’t happy about being blamed and they head out to find it only to discover that Luna Girl has it. Squaring off at the playground, they still can’t get the car! That doesn’t mean this trio is going to give up.

Catboy and Master Fang’s Sword brings the gang to Connor’s house to watch the Master Fang television show. When they learn that Master Fang’s sword is stolen, PJ Masks put on their crusaders outfits and look for clues. They see Night Ninja’s footprints and take to the streets to find the sword! Becoming frustrated, Catboy realizes he needs to calm down and trust in the friendship of the trio to rescue his friends and retrieve the sword.

Speak UP Gekko has Connor standing up in front of the class to read a poem. Connor has his voice stolen by Romeo and he’s using it against Catboy and Owlette. Listening to Gekko’s own voice say hurtful things, they are even more determined to stop Romeo who wants all their voices. Taking their voices is not about to stop these brave heroes!

Catboy vs. Robo-Cat forces Catboy to have to find Connor and Amaya on his own. Soon he discovers that Romeo has captured his friends and created two robo-copies. Now the trio must take on, well, themselves to take down Romeo’s copies.

Owlette’s Two Wrongs has Amaya upset when someone has stolen the artwork of her class. She realizes that they must discover who has done such a thing before they come back for more. They see Night Ninja taking more art and Owlette misjudges the situation letting them get away. Knowing Night Ninja is looking for more art, the gang is off to the museum to stop more art from becoming ruined and discover the real reason for all the art theft.

Take to the Skies Owlette as the gang discover that Night Ninja has stolen the planes meant for the air show. Using Owlettes owl glider they try to stop him but it isn’t enough to stop him. They must beef up the glider if they are to stop Night Ninja from stealing more air planes and balloons from the show.

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“PJ Masks” is quickly becoming an amazing sensation. How do I know this? Because my granddaughter discovered the show and doesn’t go a day without watching. She also has her own costumes for Gekko, Catboy and Owlette and dances to the theme song with total excitement. That’s how parents know this is such a special trio.

Each episode brings stories of life lessons of sharing, being true to one’s self, understanding how to be a good friend, doing what’s right and having fun with your friends. That’s what “PJ Masks” has done for so many kids and parents know this is a series that they can watch together and have such a good time.

The “PJ Masks” Time to Be a Hero DVD includes the episodes Gekko’s Blame Campaign, Catboy and Master Fang’s Sword, Speak UP Gekko, Catboy vs. Robo-Cat, Owlette’s Two Wrongs and Take to the Skies, Owlette. There is Bonus Content of PJ Masks Are Feeling Great! Music Video and PJ Masks Printable Activity Sheets.

In the end – bedtime is the right time to fight crime!



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