Opening in theatres today from director Klay Hall and Disney is the store of what’s up in the air with PLANES.

This film tells the story of Dusty Crophopper (Dane Cook), he’s a crop duster but has huge ambitions of being in an aerial race. Normally this is an awesome dream for a plane to have except for one slight problem – he’s afraid of heights.

Sometimes dre4ams just need a little help coming true so Dusty enlists Skipper (Stacey Keach) who was once a war hero. As the day to qualify comes Dusty makes it but angers the circuit champ Ripslinger (Roger Craig Smith). Now Ripslinger sets out to see that Dusty doesn’t finish the race.

Who Dusty is inside is what will help see him through and when his friends need him the most his courage is tested.

FINAL WORD: Cook as Dusty is fine. He has a way of bringing emotion through his voice that the kids watching related to. Keach as Dusty is the positive support to help the height-challenged plane become a winner. The lesson here is push through the fear to reach the stars eh?

That being said I thought the action was fine, the story was predictable, the 3D isn’t really that great which is kind of a shame. Flying scenes are perhaps the best place to showcase 3D but this didn’t wash.

Other cast include: Brad Garrett as Chug, Teri Hatcher as Dottie, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Rochelle, Priyanka Chopra as Ishani, John Cleese as Bulldot, Cedric the Entertainer as Leadbottom, Carlos Alazraqui as El Chupacabra, Anthony Edwards as Echo, Valo Kilmer as Bravo, Sinbad as Roper, Gabriel Inglesias as Ned/Zed and Brent Musburger as, well, Brent Mustangburger.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give PLANES three tubs of popcorn out of five. I do so basically because this is a family film. There aren’t to many family films that aren’t animation so Mom and Dad have to embrace what is out there. For the smaller kids I think they will be entertained but I noticed kids around 8 and older lost interest pretty quick.

PLANES just comes in as a winged version of CARS. It then becomes a matter of whether viewers enjoyed CARS (which the box office says they did) so will give PLANES a chance. I personally was over it about 20 minutes in having already figured out the story line. That doesn’t make me a genius by any stretch, just means the formula was easy to figure out.

In the end – from above the world of Cars!



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