On Bluray this week from director and writer Ding Sheng with Well Go USA comes the hero we all have come to root for with “Police Story Lockdown.”

The story takes place in the Lockdown nightclub where Detective Zhong Wen (Jackie Chan) searches for his daughter Miao Miao (Jing Tian). Imagine his delight when he discovers that the owner of the club, Wu Jiang (Liu Ye), is her boyfriend. Trying to make her see this sleaze factor, Wen is hit from behind.

Coming out of a fog, Wen is tied to a chair with wire and everyone in the club, besides the bad guys, are in a cage in the middle of the club. Jiang calls the police himself demanding cash and a talk with Wei Xiaofu. Escaping the bonds Wen discovers what Jiang is up to and that everything was a set up to get him in this place.

All of this leads to a sad truth, revenge and a stand off that forces Wen to decide who lives and who dies!

Chan as Detective Wen is pure Chan! I mean that in every fantastic sense of the word. Watching Chan continue to bring strong characters to the screen and also continue to play action roles is a testament that he believes strongly in his craft. In the last few years there have been several actors able to play these older action hero roles but Chan adds flips, kicks and an ability to jaw drop.

Tian as Miao Miao is certainly a handful as a rebellious spitfire daughter who isn’t about to cut her Dad a minute of slack. That is until all hell breaks loose because once that happens she knows her father will do everything he can to save her, and everyone in the club. That’s part of the parent-child relationship, the ability to be a little snarky but know deep inside parents have your back.

Ye as Jiang is as sleazy as he wants to be. I mean seriously the minute he came on screen his character just oozed trouble. I especially loved Chan’s reaction when Ye’s character tries to charm Dad with his success, yea, didn’t have the result he intended. Yet there is a duality in this character that you don’t know whether to feel bad for him or throw him out a high rise window which means he’s done his job well!

Other cast include: Yin Tao as Lan Lan, Liu Yiwei as Chief Niu, Yu Rongguang as Captain Wu, Zhang Lei as Quanzi, Wu Yue as Yue, Na Wei as Na Na and Zhou Ziaoou as Wei Xiaofu.

Well Go USA Entertainment is an amazing company that brings the best of Action and Independent films from around the world. There format includes theatres, digital, cable and VOD along with Bluray. For more of what they have to offer go to www.wellgousa.com.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Police Story Lockdown” four tubs of popcorn out of five. I mean lets get serious here; anything with Jackie Chan in the mix is going to get my attention and that of Chan fans. Not only for his continued martial arts films but he consistently brings his all to a role and it shows.

The story is pretty cool keeping the greater part of the film in a confined space. Watching Chan’s character weave in and out of tight spaces gives the film elements of suspense. Add to it the mixture of club lights and dark places is a perfect opportunity to do what this character does best – use the element of surprise in his favor.

“Police Story Lockdown” on Bluray runs at 107 minutes of non-stop action with twists and turns in the story. The disc features Interviews with the Cast and Director, Behind the Scenes, Trailer and available in English from the original Mandarin cut.

Looking for a night of action, suspense and thrills? Then let “Police Story Lockdown” bring everyone together!

In the end — there is a fine line between justice and revenge!



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