Coming to DVD from director and action star Jackie Chan, who director both films, Golden Way and Well Go USA Entertainment comes a double hit with POLICE STORY (1985) and POLICE STORY (1988).

POLICE STORY tells the story of Chan Ka-Kui (Jackie Chan) an honest cop doing what he enjoys. He is assigned to protect May (Maggie Cheung), whose testimony could possible bring down the drug lord Chu (Yuen Chor).

But when she gets away there is no evidence and Chu goes free and is coming after Chan. There is only one thing to do, Chan must find the witness to prove who Chu is and what he has done.

Other cast include: Brigitte Lin as Selina Fong, Kwok-Hung Lam as Raymond Li, Bill Tung as Bill Wong, Charlie Cho as John Ko, Hark-On Fung as Danny Koo, Mars as Kim, Po Tai as Snake Eyes, Fat Wan as Jacknife and Ken Tong as Tom.

POLICE STORY II again tells the story of Chan Ka-Kui (Jackie Chan). Because of what happened in the last case he has been send to traffic duty. That doesn’t stop Chu (Yuen Chor) who is still angry with him.

More importantly, there are terrorist in Hong Kong! Chan must begin tracking down who is making the threats and once May (Maggie Cheung) is kidnapped the urgency is even greater. It all comes down to Chan doing what he does best if he is to save the day!

Other cast include: Kwok-Hung Lam as Raymond Li, Bill Tung as Bill Wong, John Cheung as Cheung, Charlie Cho as John Ko, Chi Fai Chan as Ngor, Shan Kwan as President Fung, Ann Mui as Karen and Isabella Wong as Secretary of President Fung.

FINAL WORD: Chan as Chan Ka-Kui does what he has absolutely become best known for. Chan isn’t just an actor either. His is an action choreographer, producer, martial artists, screenwriter, stunt performer and, if you can believe it, a singer.

So far Chan has been in over 160 films and been in the business since 1960. It is not surprising then to know that he was a stuntman in another legends, Bruce Lee, films with FISTS OF FURY and ENTER THE DRAGON. It would be in 1995 with RUMBLE IN THE BRONX that Chan would begin an American cult following. This would be followed by the pairing of he and Chris Tucker in the RUSH HOUR films.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give POLICE STORY and POLICE STORY 2 three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is some of Jackie Chan’s best work and keeps him in the category of action hero. Both of these films are action filled with some of the best action sequences ever done. For any Chan fan this is a must have DVD set and conveniently it is in one package!

Both of these films are considered classic and Chan himself has become a cultural icon. It was interesting to experience this myself as Chan attended the 2012 Comic-Con International and the fans could not stop cheering. His humbleness was very clear, as he didn’t quite know how to handle the adoration of 7,000 people in the room.

In the end – his only goal is to save the day!

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