On DVD from Shout! Factory and Saban Brands is the amazing POWER RANGERS TURBO, Vol. 1.

Once again the Power Rangers are back to battle the evil Divatox. The Power Rangers are using their new powers and learning to use their weaponry. Now with a supercharged car it gets them quicker to evil.

But now Divatox has followed the Power Rangers to Angel Grove. She is still pretty upset about her wedding being disrupted and wants revenge. Using her subcraft that has torpedoes and mean explosives, along with her monsters, she makes it her vicious goal to get them!

The Power Rangers know they can’t fight alone and are helped by Dimitria, Alpha 6 and the Blue Centurion. What they are still trying to discover is who is Phantom Ranger?

That sounds like a lot to handle but its all in a day when you are a Power Ranger!

FINAL WORD: Once again Shout! Factory and Saban Brands put together an amazing DVD filled with everything that Saturday mornings are made for. With constant action, new characters, fun, effects and lessons of friendship and working together how can this not be in the family library.

The Power Rangers storytelling is fast paces but never so fast that the stories get lost on the viewer and that’s something I do appreciate. They play it out and if it takes 23 episodes to do it then by golly that’s what it takes and you will hear no complaints from fans.

Shout! Factory is an amazing company that preserves and revitalizes the very best of pop culture. This extends to feature films, classics, animation, television series and music and do it with awesome packaging that viewers have come to love. For more of what they have to offer go to www.shoutfactory.com.

Saban Brands has brought the iconic live-action pop culture series Power Rangers to children in 1993. For 20 years the Power Rangers has been a fan favorite and an entertaining saga that has legions of fans worldwide.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give POWER RANGERS TURBO, Vol. 1 three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. There are 23 episodes in this DVD collection and this means its time to put a snack tray in the middle of the room because this is going be a marathon with a running time of 7.5 hours (yea, that’s hours!).

Isn’t it amazing that the iconic Power Rangers is a generational thing now? All those who first enjoyed the Rangers are now sharing the series with their own children and the kids are finding it just as enjoyable to watch. That’s amazing.

In the end – they are ready to carry on the Power Ranger legacy!



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