Opening in theatres this Friday from director/writer David Koepp, John Kamps and Columbia Pictures comes a ride that causes a PREMIUM RUSH.

This film tells the story of Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a Manhattan bicycle messenger who loves his job like an obsession. He may be charmed on a bike but not so much in love dealing with girlfriend Vanessa (Dania Ramirez) who is also a messenger. Set on irritating Wilee further is fellow cyclist and ego driven Manny (Wole Parks).

Looking to make a few extra bucks, Wilee takes a last minute pick up from regular customer Nima (Jaime Chung). Within minutes of signing for the package, copy Randy (Michael Shannon) confronts him and the chase is on through the city streets.

Through the city Wilee rides like a madman trying to piece together what he is carrying and why its important enough to kill!

FINAL WORD: Gordon-Levitt is in shape, focused and fun in the role of Wilee. Yes, I will admit that I wouldn’t have expected him in this role but it works for him. He also took a real tumble while shooting scenes hitting a cab and breaking the back windshield. After 31 stitches, Gordon-Levitt took it in stride saying, “It was f’ing cool but it was my fault. I was going to fast!”

Ramirez as Vanessa is fine as the disgruntled girlfriend. Parks as Manny is nothing more than annoying egotistical man in love with himself – and this thighs. Chung as Nima is sweet.

Shannon, oh Michael, Michael, Michael – BRILLIANT! I love it when he plays twisted, off centered, uncontrollable characters because he does it with a straight face. There have been several occasion where a film he’s done has left a disturbing layer of yuck on me, this one at least had moments where I had to laugh.

At the time of filming, a documentary called TRIPLE RUSH was wrapping up. Many of the characters from the underground and stunt doubles made it into PREMIUM RUSH.

Other cast include: Anthony Chisolm as Tito, Kym Perfetto as Polo, Devin Bolger as Squid, Lauren Ashley Carter as Phoebe, Aasif Mandvi as Raj and Christopher Place as the hysterical bike cop.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give PREMIUM RUSH three tubs of popcorn out of five. It is fast paced with a lot of humor and an unusual cast. This film doesn’t need to be dissected because it is what it is – a thrill ride for 91 minutes giving the audience no time to really think. This is awesome to my way of thinking! Just go, get some popcorn, put your feet up (but not on someone else’s chair please!) and enjoy the ride.

Gordon-Levitt looks like he’s having an awesome time even though he is running for his life. The camera shots are really cool and the story is easy on the ears. What’s so wrong with that? Nothing!

In the end – fixed gear, no brakes, can’t stop and don’t want to!



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