On DVD in time for the holidays from director Kevin Deters and Steve Wermers along with Disney is a chance to see inside Santa’s workshop with the crew of PREP & LANDING and PREP & LANDING: Naughty vs. Nice.

PREP & LANDING tells the story of Wayne (Dave Foley), one of Santa’s employees and part of the crew that prepares homes for Santa’s arrival. A tad upset that the last elf he trained was given a promotion he wanted, Wayne is a little disgruntled.

That’s when he is given a new partner named Lanny (Derek Richardson), a happy elf who can think of nothing better than being part of Santa’s prep & landing crew! Being trained by Wayne, who is a tad grumpy, causes a few problems. Being mischievous brings about the potential for Santa to miss the home of a very deserving Timmy (Mason Vale Cotton).

Wayne realizes what he has done and will do whatever it takes to bring Santa back!

PREP & LANDING: Naughty vs. Nice continues with the story of Wayne and Lanny but this time a child, Grace (Emily Alyn Lind) has hacked into Santa’s system and now every child is on the naughty list. Bringing in the help of Wayne’s brother Noel (Rob Riggle), time is running out to fix the list before Christmas Day!

FINAL WORD: I have to admit – PREP & LANDING is hilariously sweet. Facing adversity in a rather large world does make for a charming story. Watching these characters set up everything for Santa so he can deliver presents is clever as well.

Foley as Wayne has a charm to his voice that totally fits his character. Richardson as Lanny is not only thrilled to be part of the prep & landing crew, but to be trained by Wayne. Richardson does such a fantastic job bringing that across.

Chalke as Magee is another hilarious character that the family will enjoy. Monitoring all activities she sometimes gets a little crazy that is very funny. Riggle as brother Noel is that brother Wayne ignores but deep down loves so dearly.

Lind is delightful as Grace. Thinking she was losing the love of her family, her actions may be wrong but her heart was in the right place.

Other cast include: Sarah Chalke as Magee, Peter Jacobson as Waterkotte, Lino DiSalvo as Gristletoe Joe, Chris Parnell as Mr. Thistleton, and William Morgan Sheppard as The Big Guy.

Both DVD’s contain extras including the Emmy winner OPERATION: SECRET SANTA, Tiny’s Big Adventure, Behind The Jingle, Kringle Academy, North Pole News and North Pole Commercials.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give PREP & LANDING and PREP & LANDING: Naughty vs. Nice both three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. With the holidays fast approaching both of these films are adorable, fun and funny!

In the end – it’s a totally tinsel collection of holiday fun!



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