Coming home on two-disc Bluray and 3D Combo Pack from SHOUT! Kids Factory and writer/director Victor Lakisov comes a tale (pun intended) of Mandarins and Mallards that are all “Quackerz!”

On an island in China there lives a group of Mandarin ducks. Longway (Robbie Daymond) is a young duck who wants to see the world. Frustrated that his father the Emperor Peng Li (Enn Reitel) seems to want to keep him close, Longway doesn’t know the half of it.

That is until the day the Mallards crash land on the Mandarin island thinking they were in Hawaii. Quickly Longway makes friends with Erica (Andrea Becker) but their friendship isn’t without it’s pitfalls. When the Emperor and the Mallard Commander Duckmus (Michael Gross) get on the wrong side of each other, it causes fighting to begin.

That all seems minuet compared to the secret of who Longway really is. One human who knows is Margo (Evelina Bledans), an evil woman searching for Longway because the legendary Sun Duck holds the key to her eternal youth. Now Mandarin and Mallard must put their winged differences aside if they are to save each other!

It is these two characters that bring the rest together in an effort to stop a legend from taking place! Even though there are difficulties for both sides, the fathers work together for the sake of their children. Isn’t that what we all want to happen for ourselves and our families?

This is going to get ducky!

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Other voice cast include: Jesse Corti as Kianga, Mark DeCarlo as Dancer, Bruce Nozick as Shina, Amy Margolis as Nanny and Nikita Presnyakov as Nik.

“Quackerz” is exactly that — quackers! There is comedy, color and plenty of action in this animated tale. There really is something for everyone including a little animated slap-stick comedy. The characters are as vivid as their colors and all of them have a part to play.

Longway is a Mandarin duck who doesn’t realize that he has a destiny that is bigger than anything he could imagine. He’s to busy trying to figure out a way to fly off the island and see the world. Even though his initial meeting with Mallard Erica doesn’t go very well, she teaches him so much that makes his want to see the world even bigger.

Ms. Kout is one creepy lady and there is good reason for that! Without giving to much away, keep your eyes on that woman because the Sun Duck may be what she is after but she also doesn’t have a problem using people in not-so-nice ways. Peng Li really made me laugh a lot. Duckmus is a character so full of concern that he doesn’t realize that maybe he should perhaps be a little less concerned with fighting and a lot more concerned with his daughter!.

There are so many lessons in this film about differences and putting them aside and do what is right for all. The relationship between Longway and Erica starts out a little rough but even they find similarities that stand out more than any differences.

The characters are all pretty funny and that’s what makes a good animated film. “Quackerz,” the Two-Disc Bluray 3D Combo Pack and DVD contains the bonus content of Storyboards, Behind-the-Scene Footage and Animatics. Check it out because its such an awesome look at the making of “Quackerz.” With a running time of 81 minutes, families will have a chance to enjoy some time together.

“Quackerz” is filled with fun, adventure, lessons, comedy and even young romance all brought together by the wings of their mutual cause — remembering who they are and what they can accomplish together.

In the end — they will quack you up!



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