From director Lauren Greenfield and Evergreen Pictures comes a ridiculously hard to believe life with QUEEN OF VERSAILLES.

This documentary tells the story of Jackie and David Siegel. The billionaire couple became famous for building the most expensive home in the United States. Jackie, a former beauty queen is raising eight children and David is in real estate and time share properties.

There world was full of excess comes crashing down as the economy and the market take a turn. The world they had come to enjoy was now calling in the notes – but this power couple can’t handle what’s happening.

The documentary gives their history and rise as well as the truth about their fall.

FINAL WORD: If this film is intended to make anyone feel sorry for these people it does not. In fact it disgusts me. Here you have a wife who cares nothing about her home with trash, stockpiles everywhere and dog feces lying around, no one cleaning up after themselves and complaining there are no more house keepers and fewer nannies.

You have a husband who liked living the good life with a beauty queen wife until the reality of life set in. Yelling at his wife, refusing to kiss her and calling her a hag (after he created the monster of botox and implants), being rude to his family and sitting in a room full of papers looking for the pot o’ gold at the end of some twisted rainbow.

There kids might actually HAVE to work for a living to go to college and get student loans like everyone else and I’m suppose to feel sorry for them? Welcome to the real world folks where most people don’t live in a $100 million dollar home with 17 bathrooms, an ice rink and two tennis courts.

I am personally astonished that anyone would even make a documentary on this. I’m sure it started out talking about the house they were building called Versailles and ended up watching them take a limo to McDonalds with the husband saying, “I guess this was suppose to be a rags to riches story not a riches to rags story”.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give QUEEN OF VERSAILLES one tub of popcorn out of five. The fact that he blames the banks for his money “addiction” is ridiculous to me. For a man who claims to have been wise about investments and a woman who says she never discusses finances with her husband – these two stun me. I hope their children at least learn a valuable lesson about all of this.

This is in no way a peasant giggling about the fall of someone rich. This is someone who has much more important things to do with their time them feel bad for someone who doesn’t even care about themselves. This is definitely 100 minutes of my life I can’t get back!

In the end – the bubble has burst!



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