Coming to DVD from director Jo Bum-Gu, JK Films and SHOUT! Factory comes an action film that is insane so be careful because it all happens QUICK.

This film tells the story of Han Gi (Min-ki Lee), a kid with an attitude who knows how to use a motorcycle. Speed drives him, especially when he tries to stay away from ex-girlfriend Chum (Ye-won Kang). After an Independence Day accident the two go their own way.

Years later Han is working as a courier who is still fast. Working with his partner he is constantly on the move to make money. One day he picks up a package that turns out to be his ex-girlfriend Chum who is with an all girl singing group. Putting on the helmet for protection Han received a telephone call saying the helmet is now a bomb and if he doesn’t do as instructed – it will blow.

The cops are on the case but can’t find the connection but there are many players in this game. Now Han and Chum go from place to place delivering packages that get them deeper into trouble. Following them is wanna-be tough guy motorcycle cop Myeong Sik (In-kwon Kim). Nothing would make him happier than to bring Han down and get the girl for himself no matter their past history.

But not everything is as it seems because everything goes past pretty quick!

FINAL WORD: Min-ki Lee as Han has that stare-you-down quality that lets the viewer know he’s not someone to be trifled with, that is until you put a helmet with a bomb on his head! There are moments where he just totally loses his mind and I can’t help but see the comedic side of it. He certainly does put in his time on screen dealing with a crazed cop in love and an ex-girlfriend who shrieks constantly.

Speaking of shrieks – Ye-won Kang was working my very last nerve. Yes she has a helmet on her head that can go boom at any moment but hey, breathe and relax! Let the poor guy on the bike get you out of it! There is some hilarity in her character and an odd romance re-kindling as well.

In-kwon Kim as Meyong was even more of a shreiker! Becoming a motorcycle cop so he can be legal plus beading the leader of his quirky little motorcycle gang – Kim is the total comic relief of the film. At some point it is possible to feel sorry for him but then his character does something that is just ridiculously funny!

Other cast include: Chang-Seok Ko as Detective Seo, Jin-mo Ju as Kim, Byeong-cheol Kim as Detective Park, Kim Eun-ok as Miss Lee, Je-Mun Yun as Jeong In-Hyeok, Seung-mok Yoo as Lee Do-hyeong, Dong-seok Ma as Kim Joo-cheol, Jae-ho Song as Kwak Han-soo, Gook-hwan Jeon as Aikawa Masaiki, and Jeon-se Oh as Park Dal-yong.

CJ E&M is the leader in Asian entertainment, which gear toward original programs and film production since 1995. They are the cornerstone of Korean entertainment and their influence has gone global.

SHOUT! Factory has the very best of pop culture with their DVD’s of classic and cult television series, animation, documentaries and more that are packed full of extras and put in packages that anyone would love to have on their home library shelf.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give QUICK three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. This is such an odd, twisty film that I really enjoyed. The acting is hilarious, the comedy between players works, the action is non-stop with cars, motorcycles, trains, explosions, and even a little bit of martial arts. This film comes from the makers of TIDAL WAVE and SECTOR 7, which are also DVD’s available and add to your collection.

The QUICK Bluray includes: The Making of QUICK Featurette, theatrical trailer, CGI featurette, Stunt featurette and a look at the creation of the movie poster. There is plenty here to watch with a 111 minute film and another hour of inside looks which are pretty cool.

In the end – its speed on a motorcycle!



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