Coming to REELZ CHANNEL June 6th at 9 p.m. comes a reality show with places that are recognized by fans with RACE TO THE SCENE.

Everyone loves escaping to the movies. The only thing more thrilling is being in one. Action star Dolph Lundgren is the colorful host of this three team competition. After he explains what the objection is for each team, Lundgren gets to play cheerleader – as only Lundgren can!

There is a slight difference here, what Lundgren is explaining to them is obstacle courses based on scenes from blockbuster movies. Contestants race to iconic movie locations competing in stunts from films like TRANSFORMERS, E.T. EXTRA TERRESTRIAL, TERMINATOR 2; JUDGEMENT DAY, and SPEED.

All of this to win $10,000!

FINAL WORD: Lundgren is actually pretty funny as he dresses up in the clothing of iconic characters. He isn’t the only one wearing some memorable outfits either as the contestants get to partake as well.

The season opener has contestants staring out on the same field that Forrest Gump raced down in the film FORREST GUMP. Running with braces on their legs, each team must race through an obstacle course after catching a football to the end zone.

Then, to an underground tunnel that was used in the film INDEPENDENCE DAY where each team must put together a puzzle that will lead them to saving the world from aliens. Of course I’m leaving out the details because watching for yourself is where the fun is!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give RACE TO THE SCENE three tubs of popcorn out of five. I always enjoy watching couples try to work things out. It is interesting to see the dynamic of who is in charge and how they handle the stress! Some are very methodical, thinking things through enough to get an edge.

There are others, however, that just crumble but not always in a bad way. Its more of not realizing that being on a reality show where money is involved isn’t going to be easy!

Lundgren has a chance here to just be naturally funny. He made me laugh more than once with his subtle one-liners and cracks about how his mother could finish stunts quicker. More importantly Lundgren looks like he’s having a good time and can laugh at it all.

In the end – they all need to remember to focus and race to the scene!

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