Coming to DVD from SHOUT! Factory and director Jerry Jameson is a very cool story about the possibility to RAISE THE TITANIC.

This film tells the story of American Agent Dirk Pitt (Richard Jordan), who is charged with locating and recovering a material that would keep the US safe from future attacks. Working with Pitt is Dr. Gene Seagram (David Selby), a scientist and researcher who wants answers about the material they are all looking for.

Through investigation, they discover that the material was last seen leaving Russia and on the HRM Titanic on her maiden voyage to America. Now the U.S. Government must do something impossible as Admiral James Sandecker (Jason Robards) heads the task raising the Titanic above water and locate the material before the Russians do.

Every step they take is dangerous bringing the historical ship back to the light of day.

FINAL WORD: Jordan as Agent Pitt was the man to see in the 1980’s. From the successful mini-series CAPTAINS & KINGS he soon became a household name even though his career began in 1962 as Jonah in the television series NAKED CITY. Once again he portrays a man who is driven by instinct but also knows when some things are best left where they are.

Selby as Seagram is a man who wants to know the truth behind the deadly material but also has a keen sense of what raising the historical ship means. He will let nothing slip by him in an effort to complete both tasks that are equally dangerous. Selby has an impressive resume himself remembering the first time I saw him as Quentin Collins in the 1968-71 marvelous series DARK SHADOWS. He would once again make television history as Richard Channing in the 1982-90 series FALCON CREST.

Robards as Admiral Sandecker gives his usual strong and straight-forward performance. It always interests me to see Robards play a military man because he does it so well. With a commanding presence I personally would hate to cross him! In 1978 he won a Best Actor in a Supporting Role for the film Julia but the role I remember best he would win Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 1977 for ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN.

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Other cast include: Anne Archer as Dana Archibald, Bo Brudin as Captain Prevlov, M. Emmet Walsh as Master Chief Vinnie Walker, J.D. Cannon as Captain Joe Burke, Normal Bartold as Admiral Kemper, Elya Baskin as Marganin, Dirk Blocker as Merker, and Sir Alec Guiness as John Bigalow.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give RAISE THE TITANIC three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. I vaguely remember seeing this film in 1980 and truly wanted to see it again. It’s a mixture of political intrigue and a story of the one ship that still captures the world’s imagination. Of course now that we know the Titanic broke into two distinct pieces when it sank causes a moment of ‘wouldn’t it have been great if….’. Watching such amazing cinematography to bring that portion of the film to life is pretty incredible. I really did enjoy it.

Having the DVD is amazing because I learned so much from Mike Ferris who was the Underwater Camera Operator for the film. Watching how things are done on this film particularly was so interesting and history buffs will absolutely love it.

RAISE THE TITANIC features a new High-Definition transfer, a behind the scenes featurette The Making of RAISE THE TITANIC with director of photography Matthew F. Leonetti, Model Unit Director Ricou Browning, Model and Mechanical Effects Supervisor John Richardson, along with the theatrical trailer. The DVD is a blu-ray with 1080p HD along with an anamorphic wide screen version as well.

In the end – once they said God himself couldn’t sink her and now they say no man on Earth could raise her!

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