Coming to theatres from director Peter Croudins, Entertainment One and Lionsgate comes the courtroom story that has REASONABLE DOUBT.

This film tells the story of Mitch Brockden (Dominic Cooper), a lawyer who is a whiz in the courtroom. After a late night meeting that included drinks with friends, Mitch accidentally hits a man with his car. Making the phone call he sees the picture of his wife Rachel (Erin Karpluck) and their newborn baby girl.

In a panic he calls an ambulance but leaves the scene. Playing it cool at home Mitch sees on television that a man, Clinton Davis (Samuel L. Jackson), has been arrested and charged with murder. Working as the prosecutor on the case he discovers that that Davis’ family had been murdered years earlier. The victim is a parolee who doesn’t have the best record either and Det. Blake Kanon (Gloria Reuben) wants answers.

Now it is all going to trial and to add to his troubles, stepbrother Jimmy (Ryan Robbins) is out of prison and involved in the case. It quickly becomes clear that Mitch is caught up in something bigger than he ever thought possible and Clinton Davis is in control.

It is hard to make things right when nothing is at it seems!

FINAL WORD: Cooper as Mitch is clearly a man who knows right from wrong but in a moment of weakness he crosses his own lines! Knowing he must do what it takes to find out the underlying events Cooper stays focused and gives a straightforward performance.

Jackson as Davis does his usual bad guy routine. He is smooth, unfettered and creepy as a man with his eyes on a deadly prize. Yes, we’ve seen this kind of character before from Jackson so hey, if the formula works then why mess with it.

Robbins as Jimmy is a brother who wants to reconnect with his life. Although stepbrothers, Jimmy sees his relationship with Mitch as brother to brother. His emotions run high and he will do anything to help keep Mitch’s family safe. Even if it means his own life.

Reuben as Det. Kanon has a small role but the confrontation between Kanon and Mitch is the pivotal point in the story of the film.

Other cast include: Dylan Taylor as Stuart Wilson, Philippe Brenninkmeyer as DA Jones, Lane Styles as Emma and John B. Lowe as Judge G. Mckenna, Dean Harder as Terry Roberts, Kely Wolfman as Dr. Brown and Chris Witkowsky as Francis Mulligan.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give REASONABLE DOUBT three tubs of popcorn out of five. There are many, many twists and turns in the plot of this film that are interesting. The cast melds well together to bring about high tension for the viewer. The last 30 minutes are definitely intense and had my blood pumping a bit.

There are a few moments here and there where the transition wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked. I’m not a big fan of abrupt scene changes because it makes me feel like I’ve missed something. That being said I can overlook that because of the build up which I do like. Have to be flexible with a film sometimes and I don’t want to make Samuel L. Jackson mad!

In the end – proof is in the burden!

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