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RESCUE gives voice to the quiet ones who simply get it done, opening two years after the massive earthquake hit Haiti. If ever a film were intended to speak to what’s inherently good in everyone, the new documentary from acclaimed filmmaker Stephen Low does just that. RESCUE brings the importance of worldwide response to natural disasters into viewers’ laps, showing the training and mindsets of the individuals who answer the call – both personally and professionally – to provide humanitarian aid to those in need.

The film was given a dose of reality when, in January of 2010, one of the worst of the world’s recent spate of disasters struck mid-production. As the crew followed the training of the private and military early responder groups depicted in the film, word of the horrendous earthquake in Haiti washed across the world’s electronic media, appearing every morning in daily newspapers.

Quickly marshaling the support of the military and appropriate organizations, the RESCUE crew dropped into the just changed Port-au-Prince landscape to track the involvement of each of the film’s characters in this international humanitarian mission. Finding an unbelievably devastated canvas against which to film the actions of the main characters, Low was drawn to the way people from all walks of life are motivated to answer a unique call.

“Our primary characters were immediately confronted with the reality of this tragedy,” said Low. “And while they get the large screen treatment in RESCUE, they are indicative of everyone we saw in Haiti.” This film is really a tip of the cap to all of the unsung providers of disaster response and humanitarian aid, wherever it’s needed. “It’s impossible to witness that level of devastation without finding solace in the extensive personal contributions of time and effort made by both professionals and volunteers that rally to help in the worst of times,” said Low. He is hopeful that seeing RESCUE will encourage others to find an avenue for increased volunteerism, regardless of the specific application.

Featured in RESCUE are a female Boeing C-17 Globemaster III pilot, an Army National Guard Major at the command of a CH-47 D Chinook helicopter, a swimming pool contractor who is a FEMA-certified volunteer emergency response manager, and a commander of a destroyer for the Canadian Forces Maritime Command. Collectively, their interwoven stories bring a sense of quiet humility and devotion to others, an epic journey of hope in the world of disaster and emergency response, captured in unprecedented scale and impact for the giant IMAX screen.

RESCUE looks at the unique equipment that the rescuers rely on to achieve their goals. It shows how both military and non-governmental humanitarian organizations can meld their abilities to provide a service that is called upon regularly. “Our team couldn’t avoid becoming personally involved with many of the subjects that we were filming. We did what we could, both from helping to communicate the plight of those affected by the earthquake, as well as providing financial support where possible,” he said.

RESCUE is directed by Stephen Low and produced by The Stephen Low Company (producers Pietro L. Serapiglia and Alexander Low), executive produced by K2 Communications (executive producers Bob Kresser and Jan Baird), and presented by The Boeing Company and Canadian Forces Maritime Command.

This film has not been rated.

Now playing at The Reuben H Fleet Science Center in the IMAX theatre.
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