Coming to DVD from director John Gibson and EntertainmentOne is the 19th century Old West with a new terror on REVELATION TRAIL.

This film tells the story of Preacher (Daniel Van Thomas), always a kind word and spirit for his parishioners. Taking care of his family and an occasional stranger when in need is what the town knew him for.

That is until the undead arrive in town. All Hades breaks loose as the town tries to fight back! After losing his family it is Marshall (Daniel Britt) who steers the way out of town. Going from town to town they continue to find the undead.

It is Preacher that keeps moving only to discover that survival becomes more challenging when the living are sometimes more vicious than the dead!

FINAL WORD: Thomas as Preacher has that dark brooding look and when you put him in front of zombies he’s ready. Trusting to the core it gets him into a little trouble but he seemed to have a way with firearms for a man of the cloth.

Britt as Marshall is rough, tough and gruff! He’s not about to get close to anyone (not that he did pre-zombie) but there is a moment of human weakness that was surprising.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give REVELATION TRAIL three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. I’m a sucker for zombies in any form but you add the Old West to the mix and I’m in. These zombies were a little to real for me!

The zombies keep the pace but it is also the conflict of the humans left behind that is also interesting. Watching each of the characters develop I was suspicious of everybody; it was actually kind of fun to figure out who was going to turn and who was going to be a shovel shot!

The DVD includes bonus features such as commentary with Van Thomas, Britt and director John Gibson, Life on the Trail: The Story of the Film, Four Behind-the Scenes and On Location Featurettes, “My Beloved” Revelation Trail Music Video by Angry Johnny and the Killbillies and Revelation Fail: Bloopers & Outtakes! For more film by EntertainmentOne go to

In the end – the American frontier never died!



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