Coming to theatres in time to celebrate the holidays from director Peter Ramsey and Dreamworks Animation is the telling of the RISE OF THE GUARDIANS.

This film tells the story of Jack Frost (Chris Pine), a young man who is not sure where he comes from only that the Man in the Moon named him. Going through the years he happily considers himself the reason for snow days for kids and snow fun!

In the North Pole things are becoming strange. There is a darkness that is sweeping across the planet calling all the Guardians together. North (Alec Baldwin) quickly determines that Pitch (Jude Law) is attempting to take away children’s happiness.

North reaches out to Tooth (Isla Fischer), Bunny (Hugh Jackman), Sandy the Sandman knowing it is time to crown a new Guardian and its Jack Frost! Jack isn’t as thrilled about the idea until Tooth tells him that she knows who he was as a child.

The problem is Pitch is now trying to destroy each one of the Guardians by taking away the children’s belief in each of them. There is one child, Jamie (Dakota Gayo) who not only believes in the Guardians but also will do what he can to help them as Pitch closes in on each of them.

It will take Jake finding his center to help the Guardians rise once again!

FINAL WORD: Pine as Frost sounds as if he is having such a blast lending his voice to this character. It is a very moving animated character as well with a story that is so beautifully told about the mysterious boy responsible for snow days!

Baldwin is funny as North. It is unusual to have a Santa with full on tattoos whose elves are a little different and has a shop full of Yeti’s. It is truly a lesson in never judging a book by its cover as North truly cares for the children of the world and will do whatever it takes to set it all right.

Fischer is very sweet as Tooth (pardon the pun). She is flighty, funny, charming and, now we know, a keeper of our childhoods. I always wondered about that and now I know! Gayo as Jamie is equally as wonderful as a boy who chooses to believe in things that you can’t always see.

Jackman is hysterical as Bunny and, without spoiling anything, is so dang cute it’s ridiculous! Learning the Bunny’s story is also interesting in it’s telling and captivated the children watching the film. Although Sandy doesn’t say much you can’t help but adore the glittery darling little reason for sleep.

Other cast include: Khamani Griffin as Caleb, Kamil McFadden as Claude, Georgie Grieve as Sophie, Jacob Bertrand as Monty, Olivia Mattingly as Pippa, and Dominique Grund as Cupcake.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give RISE OF THE GUARDIANS four tubs of popcorn out of five. This really is a different take on a holiday film with all of the children’s holiday favorites included in one film. The children watching the film were riveted by the story and were charmed as much as the adults were.

Yes, it is in 3D although it truly doesn’t need to be. The colors are so bright, the action is fun and the story is just amazing being told in 97 minutes. For the holiday weekend this is definitely a must see for kids and the holiday kid at heart.

In the end – when the darkness falls the Guardians will rise!



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