On DVD from director Quino Piñero and IndiePix Films is a journey of music that is life affirming and beautiful found in the “Roaring Abyss.”

Across the mountains, deserts and forests of Ethiopia, this documentary is a music journey as 80 different languages and 100 million people live in this country. A binding feature of these people is the universal language of music.

The genre is a mixture of western sounds with Armenian brass instruments called Ethio-Jazz. Adding in the people’s traditional folk and religious culture, it makes this genre an even deeper musical experience. As happens with much of the older music, a new generation is looking towards other music in popular culture.

This is where Quino Piñero comes in! For two years Piñero and others working on his audio ethnographer team take a moment to stop and document the music and the stories of the people making that music. In the two years that followed comes the most amazing collection of music that might have gone unheard by the world.

The group records the wind orchestras from the time of Emperor Haile Selassie to the Azmari to the Ethiopian of European bands playing on the five or six stringed lyre called a Krar, a Washint which is a type of flute, a Masenqo or a Kebero drum.

This is a collection of remarkable and hauntingly beautiful music and we should all be grateful that Piñero and his crew gave of their time to bring it to us all. There are moments of music that made me close my eyes and lean back to just take it all in. It is almost as if one can understand the story they tell in their own language because it resonates with each note and word.

It would be remiss if I didn’t mention the tribes here so please, allow me, Anyuak Tribe, Nuer Tribe,Ato Mengesha Abera, Ato Zelalem Fisseha, Awassa Sidamo Ibahal Aderash Band, Awrus Traditional Band, Basketo Tribe, Bena Tribe, Damot Azmari Bet Band, Dorze Music Group, Gashe Assefa, Gashe Chane, Girma Asefaw, Gurage Band, Hadiya Bahil Band, Hadiya Tribe, Hagerignya Band, Haileyesus Aragaw, Hammer Tribe, Harar Adagar Band, Harar Police March Band, Hidase Habru Traditional Band, Jazzmaris, Kaffa Band, Konso Band, Maekel Bahil Tigray, Marako Tribe Band, Mebtu Adugna, Sambe Gore Band, Selam Band, Shenen Gibe Band, Surma Tribe, Tezera, The Three Amzari Kids, Tigray Arts College Band, Tigray Police March Band, Welayita Tribe, Weldie Almaw, Wello Bahil Amba Band, Yayneabeba Nigus, Yem Tribe and Yohannis Tadesse.

Each of these tribes and groups deserve to be commended and applauded for sharing their culture and music with the world. Just when I think I’ve heard all the music out there, along comes a country that proves I am far from hearing it all.

Piñeo is not only making his DVD debut but “Roaring Abyss” has been a Festival-Favorite Documentary. This film is also available on IndiePix’s streaming service, IndiePix Unlimited and Amazon Channels.

“Roaring Abyss” has been shown at the African World Documentary Film Festival, Antropofest, iREP International Documentary Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Athens Ethnofest, Aurora, Marburg International Film Festival, Washington DC International Film Festival and WOMEX Film Festivals.

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It is with great pleasure that I push for everyone to see “Roaring Abyss”. The music is life affirming and the stories bring out such emotion and I mean every emotion you can imagine. I know that those who seek musical adventure, this documentary will give you that and more.

In the end – it is a magical road trip through Ethiopia!



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