RFK Jr’s favorability rating leads all candidates running for President, the only one over 50%, with a rating of 52%. Below is an interview with Mr. Kennedy (in bold) regarding the two very important issues of the day.

     President Trump has said numerous times that the Biden Administration enabled terrorism, including the October 7th massacre by giving huge amounts of money to the Palestinians and Iran.  In fact, Secretary of State Blinken has repeatedly said it is their money, so they are entitled to it.  What is your position?

     Kennedy said “I don’t think we should be giving money to Iran and instead should enforce the sanctions. We should not be authorizing the transfer of funds from Qatar or from other nations to Iran. Iran is enriching uranium, now up to 80%, months away from the capacity to generate nuclear bombs.  Because the Biden Administration failed to enforce the sanctions, Iran has been given over $6 billion of money that they otherwise would not have had.  They used parts of that money to fund Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis whose flag says on it ‘Death to America, Death to Israel.’” 

      International Holocaust Remembrance Day was commemorated this last January. Many say that the massacre of the Israelis by Hamas on October 7th is the Holocaust of the 21st Century. Yet so many feminists have not spoken out on the brutal rape of the Israeli women and even march with Hamas supporters. 

     Regarding Israel, RFK Jr said, “We feel horror at the civilian deaths, particularly the deaths of Palestinian children. There’s no evidence that Israel deliberately targets civilians. Anyone who targets civilians — as Hamas does — should be prosecuted for war crimes. Israel takes more precautions to protect civilians than any army in history. It has sent out millions of pamphlets and text messages, and made millions of robo-calls, personal calls, and uses roof knocker ordinance to warn civilians of imminent bombing. This puts IDF forces at a profound disadvantage since it allows Hamas fighters to also flee.  Israeli strikes are intended to flush out Hamas, but Hamas is using their own civilians as human shields. It is Hamas creating a de facto ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. People should remember that Israel is the only country in the Mid-East that has freedom and rights for women. In the West Bank, Gaza, and twenty-seven other nations, Islam is the official religion. Women there have very little rights and are punished for not wearing the Hijab, not allowed to leave home, and cannot hold a job without the permission of a senior male family member.”

     He continued, “There has been a virtual ethnic cleansing of both Jews and Christians across the Arab world that no one is complaining about.  There was almost one million Jews in those 27 Arab countries in 1948 and there are fewer than 40,000 today.  Christians have endured the same kind of ethnic cleansing.  Yet Israel has been called an apartheid genocide state. The claims that Israel has participated in ethnic cleansing are not true. There were 750,000 Palestinians in 1948, while today there are close to 7 million. How ironic that Israel is the only state that has no apartheid rules in the area. The only state that has freedom of the press, freedom of speech. If you live in Gaza or the West Bank and want to criticize, you better do it in Israel because being critical in Gaza will likely have someone’s throat slit and in the West Bank they will be tortured or imprisoned. Israel is the only state that allows the vote.  In the West Bank there has not been an election in nineteen years and in Gaza in sixteen years. Another apartheid rule, in Gaza and Jordan, someone could get the death penalty for selling land to a Jew.  Arabs who are Israeli citizens can vote in Israel, are not required to serve in the army, and they can serve in the Knesset.” 

     Kennedy has also spoken about the US getting involved in unnecessary wars.  Did he think Israel was justified in going into Gaza?

     He said, “I want to unravel the warfare state. This pipeline of continuous wars are wars of choice.  We should heed the advice of John Quincy Adams who said, America ‘Goes Not Abroad in Search of Monsters to Destroy’ and America did that for many decades until President Wilson got us involved in WWI. I was against going into Iraq and destroying the structure there because it was a bulwark against Iranian expansion. Iraq was countering Iranian power. Now Iraq is a proxy for Iran. But WWII was a different war and we responded, just like Israel was attacked for the last sixteen years. They patiently endured that response and did not invade Gaza until after October 7th.”

     Kennedy continued, “All these claims against Israel have double standards. The tsunami of propaganda is repeated over and over by the international press, TikTok, and those from Berlin to Iran to Beijing. It is accepted as gospel without any kind of critical examination. A common trope heard every day is that Gaza is an open-air prison. Israel built a fence because Gazans were attacking them. They send commandos to kill Israeli civilians and have shot 30,000 rockets in sixteen years. Egypt has a fence too.  Who would not put up a fence from a neighbor who has declared war on it?” 

     Texas and the border have been major issues in the news. Kennedy supports Texas in its fight with the Biden administration. He said, “I think Texas has a right under Article 4 and Article 1 of the Constitution to defend itself against invasion. There was a Roosevelt declaration that says with California, New Mexico, and Arizona the US has land access to the border to protect it.  But in Texas, because most of the barrier is water, that declaration does not exist. I think clearly Texas has a right to protect itself.” 

     RFK Jr continued, “What I would do is to reinstate the Migrant Protection Act to keep those within Mexico until their asylum claims were processed. This would tell the world that people cannot just walk across the border.  The physical barriers in the urban sections need to be completed, the 27 gaps. I would complete the wall in the urban areas. I would reinstall the infrastructure removed by the Biden Administration including the long-range cameras, the lights, access roads, and the censors in the rural areas where a wall is not needed.  I would immediately provide many dozens of asylum judges to go down to the border and hear cases there for legitimate cases of fear. I would make more use of the national guard and the military to not arrest, but to be involved in the surveillance. I would hire more border patrol agents and give them more respect and the power to do their jobs. All they are doing now is processing migrants for entrance. I watched them do that with my own eyes.”

     He told of his own experience, “When I went to the border, I interviewed 110 of the people coming across.  Of those only two had asylum claims. I interviewed people from all over the world including Africa, India, and China and they said, ‘I am here for a job.’ I would not let these people in the country. I would make a much faster track for people who want to work as seasonal workers, temporary workers, and the workers who are badly needed by both small and big businesses to come here legally.” 

     It is very difficult for a third-party candidate to be added onto the ballot under America’s political system. Kennedy has already been placed on the ballot in Utah and New Hampshire and strives to be on it in all fifty states. In five states, California, Delaware, Hawaii, Mississippi, and North Carolina, RFK Jr. has started a new political party, “We the People,” to be placed on the ballot. Kennedy explained why he wants to start a new political party.

     “People can vote for me in the general election and still vote in the March primary. I need a certain amount of people to join the new party so I can get on the ballot. I chose “We the People” because these are the first three words of the U.S. Constitution. The number of signatures needed to be on the ballot can be reduced by a large amount, a third of the total needed nationwide if a political party is formed. Many states offer independent presidential candidates two methods to get on the ballot, as an individual candidate or as the nominee of a new party. These two processes often require different numbers of signatures. For example, in California the new party must register 75,000 people and the deadline is July 5th, 2024.”  To see how many signatures are needed and the deadline for other states please go to this link: https://www.kennedy24.com/ballot-access

   Kennedy wants Americans to consider him for President because he believes in this country and feels he is the best candidate to help America during these difficult times. For further information on the rest of his positions go to his website: https://www.kennedy24.com .



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