Out on DVD from Cinema Libre Studios and Rhino comes the fantastic story of a man who has changed the face of art with ROBERT WILLIAMS MR. BITCHIN’.

This film tells the story of Robert Williams, an oil painter whose work is amazingly intricate to include women, death, destruction, booze, and clowns. His paints were, for a time, considered anti-social and for the underground art movement is was pure brilliance.

It would be his album cover for GUNS N’ ROSES and Appetite for Destruction that those not in the art world would learn about Robert Williams. He also began Juxtapoz Magazine in 1994 and artists now had a way to follow his work.

Helping to tell this man’s story is a ‘cast’, if you will, of those who were part of this artists journey that include his wife Suzanne, George DiCaprio, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth and more.

It is such an amazing journey that needs to be experienced!

FINAL WORD: Director/producer Nancye Ferguson met Robert and Suzanne Williams in 1986 on a plane trip. In 2002 she would join up to work on the documentary that tells the story of this extraordinary artist. In taking it by decades Ferguson takes on the awesome tasks of letting us truly understand the mindset of this artist.

Williams was educated at the Chouinard Arts Institute in Los Angeles and with a resume that is astonishing to read, his artistic life is amazing. To listen to his story through this documentary starting at the beginning of family life and influences brings his work into perspective adding such an appreciation for his humor and work.

Listening to this man’s friend’s talk about how the artistry is like no other is such a testament to the impact Williams had on the art world. There is such affection by the storytellers who are thrilled knowing what the rest of the world took longer to discover.

Emmy nominated composer Silas Hite, who has written scores for some of the biggest television shows and independent films, lends his artistry to an already full artistic documentary.

The documentary also includes: Artie Shaw (yes, the jazz magician!), Mat Gleason, Debbie Harry of ‘Blondie’ fame, Chris Stein, Axl Rose, Slash, Greg Escalante, Tony Shafrazi, Von Dutch, R. Crumb, and Don Ed Hardy.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give ROBERT WILLIAMS MR. BITCHIN’ three tubs of popcorn out of five. If you only heard of Williams now is your chance to know him. His outlook on his ‘low brow’ art, his life with Suzanne, his concepts that bring ideas to the homemade canvases is light but very deep.

Listening to the stories that those who know him tell just makes him more endearing for viewers. It is also an awesome chance to see some of his important work and I am absolutely sure these are paintings people have seen before.

Some of his work that he explains includes “In the Land of Retinal Delights” (1966-67), “Swampmeet Sally” (2004), and more. The DVD includes a photo gallery and trailer in its 89 minutes.

In the end – he is the artist of the decade.



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