Coming to Bluray June 3rd from director Jose Padilha and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the iconic ROBOCOP!

This film tells the story of Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman), a good cop who is trying to deal with the corruption in Detroit. He does all of this for his wife Clara (Abbie Cornish) and his young son David (John Ruttan).

OmniCorp, run by Raymond Sellars (Michael Keaton), is trying to create a robot to protect its citizen but they need a body. When Murphy is set up in an explosion, Dr. Dennett Norton (Gary Oldman) puts him back together with Sellars’ technology. Reporting all of it is Pat Novak (Samuel L. Jackson) a man with an opinion that’s heard by everyone.

Once operational, Murphy comes to realize that he is now more machine than man and begins looking for those responsible. Trying to keep his composure, the human side of Murphy comes out and nothing, or no one, can stop him from his goal.

Justice has a new lawman.

FINAL WORD: Kinnaman as Murphy puts quite a different spin on the “tin man”. Audiences get a chance to see Robocop with his family and in turn watch his family fight for him. Kinnaman definitely put a stamp on this role and with the special effects its hard not to give it an ‘oh wow’ factor!

Oldman as the doctor is pulled by the amazing things they can do with technology and the fact that no matter what, if a human and machine are put together there are going to be complications. Of course I am partial to anything Oldman does as I find him to be one of the best actors of our day.

Keaton as Sellars gets a chance to be a miserable human being but disguise it under charm. It is so awesome to have Keaton back in a big film. Jackson as Novak is the mouth piece of dissention among the public but he manages to get in a couple of good lines.

Cornish as Clara has not difficulty in standing up for her husband. This is something we didn’t see in the original. Fighting for her husband, and seeing every part of his being as her husband, was pretty darn cool I must say.

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Other cast include: Michael Williams as Jack Lewis, Jennifer Ehle as Liz Kline, Jay Baruchel as Tom Pope, Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Chief Deanand Jackie Haley as Rick Mattox, Aimee Garcia as Jae Kim, Douglas Urbanski as Mayor Durant and Patrick Garrow as Antoine Vallon.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give ROBOCOP three tubs of popcorn out of five. Fans of the original 1987 ROBOCOP won’t be disappointed in this new re-telling. There is plenty of action and plots twists for everyone which makes the 2014 ROBOCOP a bluray worth looking into.

The Bluray includes an hour of extra features and featurettes as well as two discs. The first is Robocop in High Definition bluray with deleted scenes, Robocop: Engineered for the 21st Century, and OmniCorp Product announcement. The second disc contains a standard definition disc of the film.

In the end – the future of American justice comes home!



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