Coming to DVD from Entertainment One is the hit series from DirecTV with ROGUE.

This series tells the story of Grace Travis (Thandie Newton), a detective trying to make it work between long hours and her family. Already pushing the limits with husband Tom (Kavan Smith) and children Sammy and Evie (Sarah Jeffrey).

Working undercover to try and nail crime boss Jimmy Laszlo (Marton Csokas) everything comes crashing when her son Sammy is killed by a stray bullet. Told to say away from the case Grace does the total opposite. Getting involved quickly leads her back to Laszlo. Knowing this could blow her cover permanently, Grace begins to dig deeper discovering Laszlo’s sons Alec (Joshua Sasse) and Max (Matthew Beard) who aren’t what they seem even if their father doesn’t see it.

As the stress mounts at home, she must come to terms with her grief before daughter Evie becomes the next casualty. That’s when a shocking turn happens and Grace must rely on the one person she worked so hard to bring down.

They must work quickly if they are to discover who is getting rid of witnesses one person at a time.

FINAL WORD: Newton as Grace/Jackie starts out playing a duel role only to discover that the two identities are not that far apart. Playing the tough-as-nails cop is a constistent characteristic that she holds well. There are moments of sadness, but reality jolts her back. Trying to keep the family safe is this characters main goal but there are slips as Laszlo tries to get in a little two closely. Newton has a big job here trying to keep all the threads from unraveling before there time.

Csokas as Laszlo starts out with every intention of making every dime possible from his criminal activities. But when his money suddenly disappears, he becomes almost a detective himself trying to tract every angle without losing his cool and going straight for gun-justice. The duality for Csokas here is that at the beginning I didn’t care much for the character of Laszlo but, the bad guy slowly gets a little bit of a heart and wants to help Grace find answers. It doesn’t hurt that he has strange feelings for Grace as well. Csokas has the right mixture of good looks, charm and a sinister smile here and there to give Laszlo the screen cred he needs to pull off this role.

Sasse as Alec is just a son with some serious daddy issues mixed in with the thrill of power. This character wants to be next in line on the throne but can’t get past a father who only sees his faults and a brother who seems perfect.

Beard as Max is a clean-cut boy recently out of prison for trying to protect his family. Getting back into the family business he must learn who the new players are and how everything has fallen apart so quickly.

Smith as Tom is a school teaching husband who feels neglected, under loved and misunderstood. That’s what usually happens when a wife needs support for her job. Sorry if that sounds a little sknarky – wait, nope, not sorry. It would be nice to see this character wake up and support his wife before he goes meandering down the infidelity road.

Jeffrey as Evie is a young girl who not only loses a brother but a sense of herself and the family. She is a sweet girl once you see through the cold exterior, teacher slapping, bad attitude and flying swear words.

Other cast include: Leah Gibson as Cathy Laszlo, Jarod Joseph as Nicholas Fleming, Claudia Ferri as Sophia Hernandez, Alec Newman as Ray Williams, Ian Hart as Buddy Wilson, Philip Granger as Joe, Jonathan Holmes as Lloyd and Michael Northey as Sean.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give ROGUE three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. A little slow and shakey out of the starting gate but once each of the characters finds his/her own groove it really moves. Intrigue, family crisis, criminal elements, fast cars, international connects, good cop/bad cop, twisted clues and women looking for there own power while the men wage war to climb up the money ladder – that’s what this series brings to the table.

The DVD includes bonus features of a Script to Screen: Behind-the-Scenes Featurette and Rogue Files: Reparation Webisodes. If your looking for Season Two then you won’t have long to wait as its slated to begin again in May.

The cast play off one another well, especially as the season moves closer to a climatic end. I actually love the ‘wait, I thought they did it’ moments I had five or six times. It is shows like ROGUE that have made television exciting once again.

Entertainment One is an amazing company that has established itself as a leader in entertainment. From films, television, family programming and music Entertainment One makes enjoy each one possible!

In the end – there is a traitor in there midst!



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