This week on DVD from EntertainmentOne comes one of the most explosive cop dramas with “Rookie Blue: Season Five.”

Five years ago, a group of green rookies fresh from the Police Academy arrived at one of the most elite units called 15 Division. Now, everything has become strained as Det. Swarek (Ben Bass) is shot at the unit and Officer Price (Priscilla Faia) shot in the line of duty.

That would be enough for most units but the night isn’t over yet. Deciding to catch their breaths Officer Epstein (Gregory Smith) and Officer McNally (Missy Peregrym) head to a local diner where more violence awaits them. Two teens have taken over as McNally tries to keep everyone cool.

Inspector Jarvis (Oliver Becker), new on the scene, has assigned Sgt. Shaw (Matt Gordon) to the job of Staff Sgt. as Franks’ (Lyriq Bent) dismissal leaves a vacancy. McNally and Officer Collins (Peter Mooney) are sent on assignment at a local gambling house. Feeling there is more to this, McNally knows she needs help. That little intuition leads to Shaw covering for them.

McNally and 15 Division find a gang leader that has been murdered and trying to give rookie Duncan (Matt Murray) an opportunity to help may not go over so well. Lives are on the line as rookie Duncan proves everything McNally fears about him. Officer Peck (Charlotte Sullivan) speaks to a victim who was shot by a stray bullet and gets more than she ever expects to know.

When McNally and Swarek take a road trip to Millburn Penitentiary, Swarek is shocked to discover that his own father is on a list of names known to the person they suspect in the killings. Swarek must come to terms with his personal history when McNally says she can not commit without understanding his past.

Duncan’s dismissal hearing is coming and Sgt. Shaw is keeping his eye on McNally and rightfully so as Duncan attempts to take her down. Another cop, Officer Diaz (Travis Milne) has been hiding a problem that is become clear to his friends.

Officers McNally and Officer Price (Priscilla Faia) find a man who has been beaten severely in condemned apartments. Trying to solve that mystery becomes difficult when Duncan returns to duty. A sharp twist in their relationships comes to a head when a car bomb sets Duncan on another road of destruction.

The finale comes to a head when another bomb waits to be discovered!

Peregrym as Andy McNally is an intense woman who wants to be impeccable at her job. This is the season where she also comes to terms with her feelings about Swarek but expects more than a superficial relationship. Following her gut is something this character needs to trust more! I have enjoyed watching Peregrym progress this character slowly bringing everything out into the open.

Bass as Sam Swarek is a man filled with secrets that need to come out. Wanting a relationship with McNally is going to be a little tougher than he thought. Dealing with issues he has kept from her, if they are going to make this work it’s time to come clean. Bass makes it effortless to give this character a little heart without giving up the tough cop persona.

Faia as Chloe Price recovers from her wounds and on desk duty isn’t happy with the way her relationship is going. Feeling a little neglected, she turns to her partner for help in getting life back on track. I will admit, Faia does crack me up.

Gordon as Oliver Shaw is just so amazing! Taking on the Staff Sgt. role for the season, as much as he doesn’t want the job, is really good at it. He helps Peck get back on track and comes to McNally’s aid when Duncan tries to take her down.

Sullivan as Gail Peck is totally dealing with issues as her break up causes her to break out, and not in a good way. When she is thrust into a terrible crime scene and seeing an ex-flame, it’s easy to see why she is walking a fine line.

Milne as Chris Diaz is really taking a bad turn this season. Putting his fellow officers in danger, he is more concerned with what he wants than his career. Okuma as Traci Nash is attempting to raise her son which isn’t easy when the boy’s father threatens custody.

Mooney as Nick Collins is trying to keep his head above water with everything happening and is funny handling the love life of his partner. Smith as Dov Epstein is constantly on the move trying to keep up with the cases in 15 Division.

Murray as Duncan is the guy who needs to be slapped around and I’d be happy to do it. Now that’s the sign of a good character actor when you want to reach through the screen and just knock a character for a loop. Is it crazy to say ‘well played Duncan’ secretly hoping he stays long enough to get his come uppance!

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Rookie Blue” four tubs of popcorn out of five. The best part of this program is if you haven’t had a chance to see all the seasons (and I highly recommend you do), the storyline is still good to follow. The characters are well written with distinct personalities that give this series a feel of camaraderie necessary to pull a series such as this off and be successful at the same time. I am a big fan of binge-watching a series and “Rookie Blue” fits all my criteria.

The ensemble cast works amazing well together with such a flow that when they are serious I’m all in and when they are being funny, the wit flow smoothly and I catch myself cracking up.

“Rookie Blue: Season Five’s” DVD consists of the episodes Blink, All By Her Selfie, Heart Breakers Money Makers, Wanting, Going Under, Two Truths and a Lie, Deal with the Devil, Exit Strategy, Moving Day, Fragments and Everlasting. Also included is the Featurette and Webisodes Life is Not a Fairytale. This 3-disc set is 470 minutes of crime drama you will get addicted to fast!

In the end — nothing will ever be the same!



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