On DVD and blu-ray from director Antoni Stutz and Dominion3 is a story that will drop jaws when it’s a matter of RUSHLIGHTS.

This film tells the story of Sarah (Haley Webb), a young waitress and recovering drug addict trying to make ends meet. One day she meets Billy Brody (Josh Henderson), a charming stranger who takes an immediate liking to her. They go on a date that gets hot and heavy.

The next day Billy gets a disturbing phone call from Sarah, her roommate has overdosed! Billy grabs Sarah and a bag of her belongings and they high tail it out of town. Getting some distance the two stop in a roadside motel and that’s when Sarah finds the letters.

Send to the dead roommate the letters are from Cameron Brogden (Aidan Quinn), a lawyer in Tremo, Texas informing the young lady that Uncle Zachary Niles has left his entire estate to her. Immediately Billy notices that Sarah could be the roommates twin sister and the idea hatches.

They both go to Tremo and claim the inheritance. The problem is that there is someone following them – drug dealer Eddie (Crispian Belfrage) who threatens Sarah knowing the truth. If that isn’t enough, the town Sheriff Robert Brogden (Beau Bridges) is dealing with strange happenings in his town with his eye on Billy and Sarah.

In this small town not everything as it seems – or everyone!

FINAL WORD: Webb plays a damaged girl who is looking for something, anything to hold on to. In this case its Billy until she realizes that he is just another addiction she has to get over. The role of Sarah is mild with deep undertones and without giving away the ending it becomes a case of ‘do you think he loves me?’

Henderson as Billy is a character you want to trust but just can’t. Perhaps it’s the charming element of his character that is disturbing, yep; actually that’s exactly it. Hard to trust a charmer when money is involved. Henderson keeps the role moving and the interest peaked.

Quinn as Cameron is another face that you should be able to trust yet there is that creepy feeling that says, ‘weeeelllll, the hair is still standing up on the back of my neck here’. Honestly I can’t recall the last time I could say that about Quinn. He’s nice when he needs to be and absolutely engrossing but not in a good way. I still enjoy seeing this actor and wish he would do more – personal wish list stuff.

Bridges turns in a solid performance as well as Cameron’s lawman brother. Is there hair standing up on the back of my neck? Absolutely! He has a swagger and demeanor that suggests a badge isn’t enough to bring about trust. He is always looking for something wrong and, as grandma said, if you look for something wrong you are bound to find it!

Okay, lets talk about Belfrage as Eddie. I will never, ever be able to see his face or hear his voice again without being totally terrified. I have no idea who cast this man but kudos and well done! I checked out his resume and am going to keep an eye and ear out for his next performance. Thanks for the nightmares Belfrage!!

Director Stutz says about the film, “With one obvious exception, none of the characters in RUGHTLIGHTS are really bad people. To a large degree they are misguided, victims of unfortunate circumstances. Some are more damaged than others, but at the end of the day, they are all chasing the same thing: the grand prize, the Niles Estate”.

Other cast include: Jordan Bridges as Earl, Lorna Raver as Belle, Joel Miller as Sal Marinaro, Philip Lenkowsky as Sly Wheaton, Eileen Grubba as Alice, Terence Hines as Joe, Nestor Absera as Jamie Albright and Amanda Carlin as Dotty.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give RUSHLIGHTS three tubs of popcorn out of five. This truly is a little of everything wrapped in a story that needs to be seen and experiences. There are elements of mistrust, insecurity, murder, insanity, gritty, seriously dark and awesomeness in this film. Watching each of the characters come into their own was, dare I say cool? Yes, that’s what I said – cool!

In the backdrop of a small dusty town in Texas it becomes its own character in the film. Dirty roads and open land offers the viewer moments to think about what’s going on and what could happen next.

RUSHLIGHT was the Official Selection at the 2013 Newport Beach International Film Festival, Official Selection at the 2013 Dallas International Film Festival and the Official Selection of the 2012 Montreal International Film Festival.

In the end – all is fair in love and murder!

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